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Maxwell in the News

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7/20/2017 Advanced energy storage

Using a combination of ultracapacitors and batteries in vehicle energy storage architectures can help reduce emissions and increase cost savings.

7/18/2017 VSP News: Kolman's Korner, Episode 137 - Engine Idling

In this installment, Fleet Maintenance editor David A. Kolman visits with Jeff Brakley, senior marketing and business development manager, Maxwell Technologies, about idling diesel engines and some of the issues associated with doing this.

6/27/2017 Energy storage: the key to enabling renewable energy

As energy demand and the drive to reduce global emissions increases, many countries are making a move to more renewable resources, like wind and solar power. However, there are a number of questions about the dependability of these alternatives.

6/22/2017 Ultracapacitors for Start-Stop Systems in Micro-Hybrids

As more states offer incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles (EVs), governments are overlooking the benefits that alternative eco-friendly and energy efficient vehicles offer. By only providing credits for pure EVs, states are missing out on an opportunity to ignite adoption of other cars, like micro-hybrids, which also offer environmental advantages compared to traditional combustion engines.

6/22/2017 Ultracapacitor Energy Storage: Improving Power Reliability And Efficiency Across The Grid

Ultracapacitors are power devices capable of hundreds of thousands of cycles and feature long lifetimes, making them a natural fit in grid energy storage solutions. According to Navigant Research, grid energy storage is expected to generate in excess of $68 billion in revenue from 2014 to 2024.

6/16/2017 Feeding The Energy Appetite Of The Grid

The worldwide power grid is hungry. Long-term energy and short-term power are the menu options. While batteries are perfect for serving up long-term energy, their specialty isn’t in meeting the grid’s fast response, rapid fire, comparatively short duration energy needs. Ultracapacitors, like batteries, are energy storage devices, but are unique in that they specialize in delivering short bursts of power in near instantaneous time frames. The grid’s changing appetite for energy (long-term) and power (short-term) are being satisfied by hybrid battery-ultracapacitor energy storage systems.

6/5/2017 Special Report: Supercapacitor market projected to grow from $684.7 million in 2016 to over $2 billion by 2022

Supercapacitors continue to gain usage as more applications require storing and releasing high amounts of energy in short periods. The devices, which have two plates soaked in an electrolyte and are separated by a very thin insulator, store considerably more energy than conventional capacitors. Compared to batteries, they have lower overall storage capacity but higher energy density.

6/5/2017 NFPA 110 Compliant Ultracapacitor-based Starting Solutions

Maxwell Technologies Generator Starting Solution (GSS) provides a fast, reliable starting solution for gensets ranging from 15 kW to 3.5 MW. The incorporation of their ultracapacitor technologies allows for up to 10 years of reliable maintenance-free starting, as there are no electrochemical cells that undergo degradation compared to lead acid batteries that have to be replaced every two years.

5/10/2017 The Role of Ultracapacitors in Automotive Technologies

An ultracapacitor complements a primary energy source by supplementing power during periods of peak demand. They are able to quickly release or accept charge at a moment’s notice, and what an ultracapacitor lacks in storage capacity is overcompensated for by efficiency and life expectancy. They are able to quickly absorb energy, produce peak loads on demand and withstand repeated charge cycles without degradation. Essentially, they are a power storage device with an extended life expectancy.

5/1/2017 Ultracapacitor Makers Look to Micro-Hybrid Vehicles for Growth

Ultracapacitor makers are looking to vehicle electrification as a way to increase sales, targeting the so-called "micro-hybrid" market rather than plug-in electric vehicles.