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Maxwell Technologies Technology Leadership Ultracapacitors, Microelectronics and High Voltage

Technology Leadership

Maxwell Technologies is a pioneering global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing ultracapacitors, with millions of units now performing reliably around the clock worldwide. Ultracapacitors are energy storage and power delivery products that enable design engineers to create systems that optimize energy efficiency, performance, reliability and cycle life. We have been developing and producing power products since 1965, and have invested more than $100 million in research and product development that today translates into solutions that meet the stringent requirements of a broad range of electrical energy applications. Maxwell’s investments in research and development are protected by more than 100 issued U.S. patents and pending patent applications.

A critical element of Maxwell ultracapacitors’ industry-leading cost position and unparalleled longevity and performance lies in our proprietary electrode fabrication process. Through this unique, environmentally compatible, solvent-free process, high-purity activated carbon powder is formed into carbon film and laminated onto aluminum foil substrate to produce super-capacitive double-layer electrode material. Wound or folded electrode and separator material are then sealed in a robust, hermetically sealed package and impregnated with high-performance electrolyte. The resulting ultracapacitors are extremely durable, maintenance-free products in a variety of form factors and capacitance ratings to meet the needs of applications ranging from hand-held devices to hybrid transit buses, wind turbines and more.


Maxwell’s research and product development centers are located in San Diego, California, for ultracapacitor and microelectronic products and Rossens, Switzerland for high-voltage capacitor products. To safeguard proprietary processes and trade secrets, our ultracapacitor electrode fabrication and microelectronic and high-voltage capacitor product manufacturing are conducted only within company facilities. To take advantage of low-cost labor and commodity materials sourcing, we have formed relationships with fully certified offshore contract manufacturers for final assembly. These contract manufacturing relationships have been instrumental in optimizing product quality and reducing ultracapacitor manufacturing costs and give the company the ability to rapidly and efficiently expand ultracapacitor production capacity to keep pace with growing demand.