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Flash Memory Summit
August 5-7, 2014 | Santa Clara, CA
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The Trucking Summit
August 11-13, 2014 | Bloomingdale, IL
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The Great American Trucking Show (GATS)
August 21-23, 2014 | Dallas, TX
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CIGRE 2014
August 24-29, 2014 | Paris, France
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The Battery Show
September 16-18, 2014 | Novi, MI
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TMC Fall Meeting & National Technician Skills Competition (SuperTech)
September 22-24, 2014 |Orlando, FL
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SAE New Energy Forum
September 24-25, 2014 | Shanghai, China
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Energy Storage North America (ESNA)
September 30 – October 2, 2014 | San Jose, CA
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Maxwell Technologies to help Spanish rail system
An electric rail system in Spain will use ultracapacitors from San Diego's Maxwell Technologies Inc.
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Win Inertia Incorporates Maxwell Technologies Ultracapacitors for Braking Energy Recuperation in Spanish Rail System
High-Efficiency Hybrid Energy Storage System Reduces Energy Consumption; Excess Power Used to Charge Electric Vehicles
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Interview with the President and CEO: Maxwell Technologies, Inc. (MXWL)
Maxwell Technologies is highlighted in an interview with Franz Fink on The Wall Street Transcript
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Maxwell supercap news: 2.85V, 3,400F cell: 17% more power & 23% more energy
Maxwell Technologies introduces its newest member of its K2 family of ultracapacitors, the 2.85-Volt, 3,400-Farad cell.
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EV Battery and Supercapacitor
Maxwell’s supercapacitor could replace both the stop-start and the regular lead acid battery in a car
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More on Measuring the State of Health and State of Charge of a Battery
In an ultracapacitor, end of life does not arrive abruptly and without warning
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