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Maxwell Technologies Products

Engine Starting

  • ESM ULTRA 31/1800

    ESM ULTRA 31/1800

    The ESM isn’t a battery. But instead it replaces the starter battery and works in tandem with the other batteries, using power-dense ultracapacitors to deliver reliable, quick-burst power at ignition—even after hotel loading, in hot or cold temperature extremes.

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  • ESM ULTRA 31/900

    ESM ULTRA 31/900

    Whether the medium duty trucks in your fleet are step vans, package cars, utility vehicles, lease/rental trucks or food & beverage delivery trucks, Maxwell has the solution to your jump-start and stranded vehicle headaches.

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  • ESM 24-VOLT

    ESM 24-VOLT

    Whether you build or maintain buses or heavy equipment that utilize 24-volt starting systems, you’ll want to seriously consider the Maxwell 24-Volt Engine Start Module. It provides up to 1100 CCA* at 24 volts in a single BCI Group 31 enclosure. The ESM takes over the starting function completely – leaving batteries free to power energy-intensive, parasitic loads. Batteries frequently do not have the power needed to start your engine – particularly if it’s been a while since the engine was last started.

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Ultracapacitor Products

  • 51 Volt Module

    51 Volt Module

    Our new 51V module is based on our industry-leading 48V module platform and includes the benefits of Maxwell’s proprietary DuraBlue® Advanced Shock and Vibration Technology. This new module features active balancing, Maxwell’s unique 2.85V cell technology, heat sinks on the top and bottom of the module, and an integrated fan for extreme duty cycle cases.

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  • Maxwell’s Retrofit Solutions for Emergency Pitch Backup Systems

    Maxwell’s Retrofit Solutions for Emergency Pitch Backup Systems

    Designed for use in GE 1.5 MW turbines and in Clipper 2.5 MW turbines, Maxwell’s ultracapacitor-based retrofit solutions for emergency wind pitch control systems replace the turbine’s original battery systems for increased performance, reliability and lifetime, giving wind farm operators the benefits of fewer turbines climbs, reduced component replacements, and increased turbine availability.

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  • “NEW”  48 Volt Modules - With New, DuraBlue ® Technology

    “NEW” 48 Volt Modules - With New, DuraBlue ® Technology

    Our industry-leading 48V module now includes the benefits of our new DuraBlue® Advanced Shock and Vibration Technology.

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  • 16 Volt Small Module

    16 Volt Small Module

    Maxwell Technologies’ 16V small cell ultracapacitor module provides energy storage and power delivery in a compact, cost-effective module. The modules are specifically engineered to provide cost-effective solutions for wind turbine pitch control of 1.5MW and smaller, small UPS systems, telecommunications and other lighter-duty industrial electronics applications.

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  • 16 Volt Large Module

    16 Volt Large Module

    Maxwell Technologies’ 16V ultracapacitor module product line provides customers with a broad range of choices to meet their energy storage and power delivery requirements – in a rugged package that can be configured for higher voltages and energy if needed.

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  • 48 Volt Modules

    48 Volt Modules

    Maxwell Technologies’ 48V ultracapacitor module product line provides customers in transportation and industrial industries with a broad range of choices to meet their energy storage and power delivery requirements.

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  • 56 Volt UPS Module

    56 Volt UPS Module

    Maxwell Technologies’ 56V series of ultracapacitor modules provide power during dips, sags in the main power source. In longer term outages, the modules provide transition/bridge power to a longer term back up source such as a motor-generator or fuel cell. For industrial applications, ultracapacitor modules provide power for graceful shutdown of process equipment.

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  • 75 Volt Power Module

    75 Volt Power Module

    Maxwell Technologies’ 75V module is designed for low duty cycle energy storage applications such as wind turbine pitch control and backup power generation systems. The module includes passive balancing circuitry and thermal monitoring, and its enclosure meets the IP54 standard.

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  • 125 Volt Transportation Module

    125 Volt Transportation Module

    Maxwell Technologies’ 125V Heavy Transportation series of ultracapacitor modules is a high-performance energy storage product line for hybrid buses, trucks, trolleys, light rail, mining, construction and seaport cranes. Each model incorporates balancing, monitoring and thermal management capabilities to ensure industry-leading charge/discharge performance, high reliability and long operational life.

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  • 160 Volt Module

    160 Volt Module

    Maxwell Technologies’ 160V module is designed to provide energy storage and power delivery for wind turbine pitch control, short-term uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and renewable energy systems. Primarily designed for pitch control systems for 1.5 to 3MW wind turbines, the 160V module provides a turnkey solution to simplify the installation process and reduce costs for all integration partners.

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Threaded/ Weldable Cells
  • The New K2 3.0V/3000F Cell

    The New K2 3.0V/3000F Cell

    The newest addition to Maxwell Technologies’ K2 family of ultracapacitors is the 3-volt, 3000-farad cell. Maxwell’s first 3-volt cell meets the same life performance criteria as the 2.7-volt cell, with the added benefit of increased power capability—a 31% increase over the 2.7-volt cell and a 15% increase over the 2.85-volt cell.

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  • K2 2.85V/3400F Cell

    K2 2.85V/3400F Cell

    The 2.85-volt, 3400-farad cell is Maxwell’s highest capacitance offering. Compared to the 2.7V/3000F cell, it has 17% more power and 23% more energy, making it an ideal choice for demanding applications. It also incorporates Maxwell’s DuraBlue® Advanced Shock and Vibration Technology. Products with DuraBlue technology are tested to some of the most demanding environmental requirements for transportation, increasing vibrational resistance by approximately three times and shock immunity by four times when com

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  • K2 2.7V Series

    K2 2.7V Series

    Maxwell Technologies’ K2 2.7V series of ultracapacitors can relieve batteries from peak power functions, provide extended power availability, and help customers to reduce costs and maximize both space and energy efficiency in the overall system.

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Board Mounted Small Cells
  • HC Series

    HC Series

    The HC series is an ideal source of backup power. It can provide extended power availability, allowing critical information and functions to remain available during dips, sags, and outages in a power supply or battery change. And, like all our ultracapacitor products, the HC series is capable of accepting charges at the identical rate of discharge.

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  • D Cell Series

    D Cell Series

    Maxwell Technologies' D Cell® series ultracapacitor cells are ideal for automotive boardnet stabilization, medical devices, uninterruptible power supplies, backup power and pulse, wind turbine pitch control, and many other applications requiring a pulse of energy that cannot be efficiently provided by a battery or power supply alone.

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  • PC10 Series - Discontinued

    PC10 Series - Discontinued

    Maxwell will stop production of the PC10 by the end of 2014. Customers that want to purchase the PC10 may contact Tecate Group at

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