Capacitive Voltage Dividers (CVD)

Capacitive voltage dividers (CVD) are components used on complete capacitive voltage transformers (CVT) to measure the voltage on a high-voltage overhead power line. The CVD divides the line voltage (72.5 kV to 800 kV) to about 12 kV. The inductive part of the CVT (which is provided by a Maxwell Partner) isolates the measuring instrument from the high-voltage of the monitored circuit. CVTs are components used to measure the grid voltage in a conventional way.

The CONDIS® capacitor unit consists of a mixed dielectric which guarantees lowest capacitance and RATIO deviation over the whole temperature range. The products are impregnated with synthetic insulating liquid and are temperature variation compensated by internal or external stainless steel bellows.

The voltage distribution is perfectly linear over the complete capacitor-stack in the porcelain or composite insulator.

When installed in close proximity to circuit breakers, the high capacitance of CVDs enhances circuit breaker short line fault and transient recovery voltage performance.

Product Features
Synthetic oil-based capacitor technology
Capacitance 300pF and higher (e.g. 30nF 245kV)
Low capacitance variation versus temperature
Nominal voltage Un from 72.5kV to 800kV 50/60Hz
Highest quality and reliability
Test voltage up to 810kV 50/60Hz
Insulator in porcelain or composite
Lightning impulse voltage up to 1300kV 1.2/50µs
Maintenance free
Switching impulse voltage up to 1000kV 250/2500µs
Proven sealed construction
Lightning impulse voltage chopped wave up to 2000kV 1.2/2µs
Corrosion resistance
Vibrations and mechanical shocks up to 15g