Partial Discharge Sensors

CONDIS® partial discharge sensors (PD sensors) are used to assess the quality or aging of generator stator winding insulation, detect localized sources of PD in rotating electrical machines and generators, and to detect conducted pulse signals. PD sensors typically consist of a coupling capacitor (13.8 kV to 27 kV) and a low-voltage coupling device.

CONDIS coupling capacitors are used as coupling devices to pass high frequencies (low reactance at the high PD frequencies). The coupling device separates the PD current pulses from the power frequency test voltage circuit.

PD coupling capacitors are available in both dry-based (CDAS) or oil-based (CDOR) technology and for indoor or outdoor applications.

Product Features
Synthetic oil-based capacitor technology or Dry gas-based technology
Capacitance from 1nF to 100nF
Highest quality and reliability
Nominal voltage Um 12kV, 17.5kV, 24kV 50/60Hz
Maintenance free
Test voltage up to 1140kV 50/60Hz
Proven sealed construction
Lightning impulse voltage up to 170kV 1.2/50µs with creepage distance
Lightning impulse voltage chopped wave up to 205kV 1.2/2µs
Signal attenuation: < 10 dB from 200kHz to 3MHz < 30dB from 100kHz up to 10MHz
Vibrations and mechanical shocks according to IEC62373 (rail) and IEC60724-3-3