Coupling Capacitors

Coupling capacitors are intended for coupling high frequency power line carrier (PLC) signals on the transmission line; it is suitable for use within the entire power line carrier transmission frequency range from 30 kHz to 500 kHz.

Coupling capacitor can also be used for filtering and other general capacitor applications with connection between phase and ground in high voltage networks with insulated or grounded neutral.

Coupling capacitors are compliant with standard serie IEC60358; they are available with a porcelain or a composite insulator. All standard insulators are equipped with single or alternating long-short sheds and are in full compliance with IEC 60815. Maxwell standard fixing is independent of the flange diameter and ensures the interchangeability with old CONDIS® capacitors and the compatibility with the attachment of composite insulators. Other fixing methods are available on request.

The coupling capacitors are designed for a wide range of service temperature. The mixed dielectric in the capacitor element allows for a very stable capacitance value over the whole temperature range.

In a recent addition to the coupling capacitor product range, "Arctic” capacitors have been designed for applications in the most severe environmental conditions, supporting extreme temperatures down to - 60 degC.

Maxwell CONDOR technology offers a high flexibility and will therefore allow for a large customization. to meet specific customer mechanical and electrical needs.

Product Features
Synthetic oil-based capacitor technology
Capacitance 300pF and higher (e.g. 30nF 245kV)
Highest quality and reliability
Nominal voltage Un from 72.5kV to 1200kV 50/60Hz
Insulator in porcelain or composite
Test voltage up to 1100kV 50/60Hz
Maintenance free
Lightning impulse voltage up to 2700kV 1.2/50µs
Proven sealed construction
Switching impulse voltage up to 1950kV 250/2500µs
Corrosion resistance
Lightning impulse voltage chopped wave up to 3240kV 1.2/2µs
Cantilever strength from 5kNm to 25kNm