Grading Capacitors - GIS

Indoor installation

Gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) circuit breakers for tough environments with extreme temperature variations, dust, pollution or confined space use grading capacitors to ensure a uniform distribution of the voltage across the breaking chambers.

CONDIS® GIS capacitors have a sophisticated design—its electrical insulation is made by a vacuum impregnated epoxy resin tube with a smooth external surface. This design guarantees mechanical robustness and oil- and gas-tightness within a high pressurized environment in a large, specified temperature range. Our capacitors are partial-discharge-free and have a proven record of high performance and reliability with years of in-field operation.

High-voltage GIS capacitors are compliant to the standard IEC62146-1; they can be used in various types of gas-insulated switchgears, and their design is therefore customer-specific. Independent of the application, the flanges, tubes, and field distribution will remain unchanged along the insulator.

Maxwell CONDOR technology offers a high flexibility and will therefore allow for a large customization to meet specific circuit breaker mechanical and electrical needs. The new Thin Winding concept further enhances the possibility for a reduced length for low capacitance value.

In a recent addition to the GIS product range, "arctic" capacitors have been designed for applications in the most severe environmental conditions, supporting extreme temperatures down to -60 degrees Celsius.

Product Features
Synthetic oil-based capacitor technology
Capacitance min from 200 pF
Highest quality and reliability
Nominal voltage Un up to 420kV 50/60Hz (e.g. for circuit breaker 1200kV 2 chambers)
Maintenance free
Test voltage up to 1140kV 50/60Hz ( e.g. for circuit breaker 1200kV 2 chambers)
Proven sealed construction
Lightning impulse voltage up to 1950kV 1.2/50µs
Compatible with SF6 by-products
Switching impulse voltage up to 1600kV 250/2500µs
Lightning impulse voltage chopped wave up to 2340kV 1.2/2µs
Vibrations and mechanical shocks up to >15g