Maxwell Technologies

High Voltage Technology Leadership

Maxwell Technologies has a legacy in developing, designing and testing high-voltage capacitor products at the company’s product development and production center in Rossens, Switzerland. Maxwell high-voltage capacitors are produced through a proprietary automated assembly and winding process to ensure consistent quality and reliability. As a result of this fully automated process, the company is the only manufacturer of HV capacitors to perform a quality check on each individual element as it is wound, in addition to testing the fully assembled final product. Recently Maxwell implemented a new statistical process control (SPC) system that monitors each individual assembly step in real time, improving yield and product reliability.

As part of the quality process, all Maxwell CONDIS capacitors are individually tested in routine testing for several electrical performance parameters such as capacitance, tan delta, partial discharges and voltage levels. The capacitance measurement ensures no windings element has a breakdown. The partial discharge measurement ensures the capacitor has no defect that potentially could destroy the capacitor later during operation. The different voltage tests eliminate the risk of failure during the first period of service. All tests are performed according to IEC and ANSI standards.