MV Capacitors & Dividers

Maxwell Medium Voltage (MV) capacitors and voltage dividers are based on a proprietary dry technology. The core of this CONDAS technology is designed with capacitor windings made of metalized polypropylene dielectric, impregnated with insulating gas and housed in resin molded insulator.

Typical applications for this product range are voltage measurement, Partial Discharge monitoring, Power Line Carrier coupling. Please contact Maxwell for more details about this product range.

Product Features
Capacitance Range: 2-500 nF
Tolerance on Capacitance: ±5%
Typical operating Voltage: 10 – 52 kV
Loss Factor: < 5x10-4 at 20°C, 50 Hz
Partial Discharge Level: < 5 pC at 1.2 Time Operating Voltage
Ambient Temperature (During Operation & Storage): -40°C to 80°C
Inductance: Typically 1 nH per mm Length
Impregnation: Insulating Gas
Installation: Any Position
Max. Elevation Above Sea Level Allowed: 1,000 m (Other Heights on Request)