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GIS Capacitors - High Voltage Capacitors

GIS circuit breakers for tough environments with extreme temperature variations, dust, pollution or confined space use grading capacitors. Coupling capacitors for special applications are also available for this type of switchgear.

Technical Specifications:

  • Capacitance min: from 200 pF
  • Nominal voltage Un: up to 500kV 50/60Hz
  • Test voltage: up to 720kV 50/60Hz
  • Lightning impulse voltage: up to 1200kV 1.2/50μs
  • Switching impulse voltage: up to 1000kV 250/2500μs
  • Lightning impulse voltage chopped wave: up to 2000kV 1.2/2μs
  • Vibrations and mechanical shocks: up to 40g
Product Guide
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