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Specialty Capacitors - High Voltage Capacitors

Specialty Capacitors for Laboratory Applications

  • HV Capacitors can be used in the laboratory as a:
  • Coupling capacitor for PD measurement
  • HV divider for 50Hz voltage measurement
  • HV RC divider for impulse voltage measurement
  • Capacitive load for Series Resonance installation
  • Capacitive load for DC installation
  • Other applications

Specialty Capacitors for Special Applications

  • Specialty HV Capacitors can be used as a:
  • Coupling capacitor for on-site PD measurement
  • Coupling capacitor for generator circuit breaker
  • Other applications

Technical Specifications

  • Capacitance: from 150pF to 500nF
  • Nominal voltage Un: from 20kV to 1000kV
  • Test voltage 1.2 x Un: (or as requested)
  • PD level: < 1.2 pC
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