Laboratory Capacitors

Capacitors for laboratory can have different functions, for example:

• Reference capacitor for PD-measurement (Ck)
• Capacitive divider for AC voltage measurement
• Capacitive divider for DC measurement
• Capacitive divider for impulse voltage measurement
• Capacitor for Multi-stage multiplier circuitry according to Greinacher
• Capacitive load for series resonance installations
• Other applications on demand

For each functions, Maxwell Technologies SA will apply the most appropriated technology. Maxwell CONDOR technology offers a high flexibility and will therefore allow for a large customization. to meet specific customer mechanical and electrical needs.

Product Features
Synthetic oil-based capacitor technology
Capacitance 300pF and higher
Highest quality and reliability
Nominal voltage Un from 9kV up to 1200kV 50/60Hz or DC
Insulator in reinforced epoxy resin, in porcelain or composite
Test voltage up to 1100kV 50/60Hz
Maintenance free
Lightning impulse voltage up to 3000kV 1.2/50µs
Proven sealed construction
Switching impulse voltage up to 2000kV 250/2500µs
Corrosion resistance
Lightning impulse voltage chopped wave up to 3600kV 1.2/2µs
Cantilever strength from 5kNm to 25kNm