Thyristor Valve Capacitors

The thyristor valve capacitor (or valve section capacitor) is fitted on thyristor valves for high-voltage applications. Its function is to assist with the distribution of high frequency transient voltages.

The valve section capacitor is connected in parallel with series connected thyristors (0 to 14 valves), their associated damping resistors/capacitors and di/dt limiting reactor.

This capacitor is a self-healing dry type capacitor, without any oil, mounted in an epoxy resin insulator.

Product Features
Dry type capacitor technology
Capacitance 150pF to 10 nF
Self-healing capability
Nominal voltage Un up to 62kVpeak , higher value on request
Insulator in epoxy resin
Test voltage up to 95kV 50/60Hz, higher value on request
Maintenance free
Lightning impulse voltage up to170kV 1.2/50µs, higher value on request
Sealed construction
Corrosion resistance