Voltage Divider for Lightning Overvoltage Monitoring

The CONDIS® impulsion resistive/capacitive voltage divider is designed for the precise measurement of lightning and switching impulse voltages. They are the basic components for quality monitoring solutions in power grid applications. This system allows monitoring and analyzing on line, short-time HV impulsions for voltage from 35 kV over a very wide frequency bandwidth.

The RC-divider is based on a special measuring circuit with capacitor windings made of metalized polypropylene dielectric, which guarantees high stability of the capacitance at both alternating voltage and impulse voltage. There are damping resistors arranged between the internal single HV capacitor packages. Furthermore, carefully adjusted damping resistors are located inside the low voltage part to maintain the scale-factor stability within a large bandwidth.

Product Features
Based on gas impregnated dry capacitor technology CDAS®
Self-healing capability
Sealed construction
Corrosion resistance
Temperature Range: -40°C to +55°C
Installation: Any position
Working Voltage: 35kV/v3 to 220kV/v3
Capacitance Range: 750pF to 4.5nF
Insulator: Epoxy resin (for 35kV type), Composite or Porcelain (from 110kV-type)
Bandwidth: Up to 5MHz
Intermediate voltage terminal of the divider: N-Connector
Intermediate voltage level of the divider: ~180V