12-Bit, 41 MSPS A/D Converter - 9042

Maxwell Technologies’ 9042 12-Bit analog-to-digital converter features a greater than 300 krad (Si) total dose tolerance. Using Maxwell’s radiation-hardened RAD-PAK® packaging technology, the 9042 realizes a higher performance, and low power consumption.

All necessary functions, including track-and- hold (T/H) and reference are included on chip to provide a complete conversion solution. The 9042 runs off of a single +5V supply and provides CMOS-compatible digital outputs at 41 MSPS. Designed specifically to address the needs of wideband, multichannel receivers, the 9042 maintains 80 dB spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) over a bandwidth of 20 MHz. Noise performance is also exceptional; typical signal to noise ratio is 68 dB.

Maxwell Technologies' patented RAD-PAK® packaging technology incorporates radiation shielding in the microcircuit package. It eliminates the need for box shielding while providing the required radiation shielding for a lifetime in an orbit or space mission. This product is available with screening up to Maxwell Technologies self-defined Class K.


Total dose hardness: >300 krad (Si)
SEL > 120 MeV-cm2/mg
41 MSPS minimum sampling rate
80 dB Spurious-Free Dynamic Range (SFDR)
Package: 28 pin RAD-PAK® flat pack
595 mW power dissipation
Single 5 volt power supply
On-chip T/H and reference
Two’s complement output format
CMOS compatible output levels