HC Series

Maxwell's HC series of ultracapacitor cells are ideal for consumer electronics, automotive control systems, wireless transmission, medical devices, automatic meter readers, and many other applications requiring a pulse of energy that cannot be efficiently provided by a battery or power supply alone.  They are cost effectively packaged in industry standard, radial cylinders with either wire or snap-in leads.

The HC works in tandem with batteries for applications that require both a constant low power discharge for continual function and a pulse power for peak loads. In these applications, the device relieves batteries of peak power functions resulting in an extension of battery life and a reduction of overall battery size and cost.

The HC series is  an ideal source of backup power.  It can provide extended power availability, allowing critical information and functions to remain available during dips, sags, and outages in a power supply or battery change.  And, like all our ultracapacitor products, the HC series is capable of accepting charges at the identical rate of discharge.


  • BCAP0001 P270 T01 2.7V, 1F, wire leads
  • BCAP0003 P270 T01 2.7V, 3.3F, wire leads
  • BCAP0005 P270 T01 2.7V, 5F, wire leads
  • BCAP0010 P270 T01 2.7V, 10F, wire leads
  • BCAP0025 P270 T01 2.7V, 25F, wire leads
  • BCAP0050 P270 T01 2.7V, 50F, wire leads
  • BCAP0100 P270 T01 2.7V, 100F, wire leads
  • BCAP0100 P270 T07 2.7V, 100F, snap in connection
  • BCAP0150 P270 T07 2.7V, 150F, snap in connection


  • Back-up power for cache-to-flash applications
  • Smart Meters
  • Automotive subsystems
  • Consumer and industrial electronics
  • Wireless transmitters

HC Series - Board Mounted Cells

With a cycle life of 500,000 cycles, Maxwell's Board Mounted HC Series Cells can be rapidly charged and discharged over and over again, making them one of the most energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost effective ways to store energy. The HC series of ultracapacitor cells are available in three mounting configurations.