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Maxwell Ultracapacitor Consumer Product Solutions

Cordless tools, emergency kits, flashlights, toys, kitchen gadgets, computers and any consumer product that requires a burst of power can be transformed with an ultracapacitor. Though they store a fraction of the energy of batteries, they can charge and discharge much faster, delivering hundreds of thousands of high-power pulses over their lifetime and easily outlast the product into which they are designed. Many companies recognizing the technical advantages of ultracapacitors are already producing ultracapacitor-based systems.

Now more popular than ever, portable electronics are marvels of engineering, with more features and functions than could have been imagined even a few years ago. They allow us to put cameras, video, high-fidelity audio, GPS navigation and wireless communications capabilities into our pockets. All of these features can be found today in commercially available products, which are no larger than a deck of cards. As the need for smaller and lightweight systems increases, design engineers are specifying small cell ultracapacitors in products to facilitate a simpler design-in process. The life of ultracapacitors is much longer, providing an overall cost savings of over two hundred dollars per unit versus a pure battery solution.

Today, ultracapacitors have become an alternative to batteries in applications where the ultracapacitor is charged from the primary power supply but functions as a backup power source when the primary source fails or peak power has to be provided. The big power pulses required in moving camera motors, burning images into flashcards and sending bursts of information over wireless systems, all overstress existing battery technologies, severely limiting their practical life between charges. In addition, the need for smaller and more lightweight systems increases, and design engineers require innovative design approaches to reduce size and heaviness without sacrificing overall performance and reliability. Not surprisingly therefore, ultracapacitors are making their way into many consumer products.

Maxwell Ultracapacitor Consumer Product Quick Facts:

  • Quick charge in seconds or minutes
  • Extend battery life or eliminate batteries
  • Optimizing size and cost
  • Improved safety and reliability
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Green technology with no toxic materials
  • High durability and life time

Maxwell Ultracapacitor Consumer Product Applications:

Maxwell ultracapacitors are now considered a peer to other power options for consumer electronics and other consumer products. As design engineers have found, batteries have high-energy capability while the ultracapacitors have high power capability. In an optimal solution, both technologies could be combined in a way that maximizes the benefits of both. Numerous firms are well into the production cycle for ultracapacitor-based systems. A few examples of applications:

  • Ultracapacitors for Wireless systems and Burst-Mode Communications
    Wireless systems that use burst-mode communications techniques benefit in the same way as digital cameras. Burst-mode communications are used in local areas such as stock and commodity exchange floors, warehouses, and even in restaurants, where order takers and information processors use wireless terminals and modified PDAs to communicate real-time information to a central data center. Companies are integrating ultracapacitors with their battery packs, freeing commodity traders from having to change batteries during the day.
  • Ultracapacitors for Quick Charge Hand Tools
    How many times have you needed to drill just a couple of holes only to find out your battery’s dead and you have to wait for an hour recharge to do a two-minute job? With the ultracapacitor, this is no longer a problem. The weekend handyman is freed to do those quick jobs with quick charge for cordless tools.
  • Ultracapacitors for Multi-Function Pocket Appliances
    Integrated cell phone/camera/PDA/MP3 players and GPS/personal alarm/emergency beacons are now the cool gadgets that everyone wants to carry. Stuffing all these features into a small package requires a lot of energy and power. To get all the power out of the battery kills it, and to carry a huge battery defeats the whole pocket appliance concept. The greatest opportunities for Maxwell ultracapcitors in consumer electronics are all those ideas that can only be accomplished by separately addressing power and energy needs. The right approach is to design intelligently and combine a battery for energy and an ultracapacitor for power.

Maxwell Ultracapacitors for Consumer Products (all are UL registered):

Maxwell Technologies offers the most comprehensive ultracapacitor product line for consumer products.

  • PC10 Series
    The PC Series (2.5V DC, 10F) is ideal for using in consumer electronics and wireless transmission that requires more energy per unit volume, deliver more power per unit volume and weight and performs longer.
  • HC Series (2.7V DC, 5F to 150F)
    Typical applications include consumer electronics and portable power tools.

Our commitment is to help our worldwide customers design and implement ultracapacitor solutions for existing and unique consumer product needs.

Ultracapacitors and Consumer Products

Cordless tools, emergency kits, flashlights, toys, kitchen gadgets, computers and any consumer product that requires a burst of power can be transformed with a Maxwell ultracapacitor.