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Maxwell Ultracapacitor Quick Charge Solutions

Rechargeable energy storage technology has created many options for powering more convenient and efficient cordless, handheld and other portable devices and remotely located stationary devices, such as:

  • Power tools
  • Flashlights
  • Toothbrushes and other health and beauty devices
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Industrial scanning devices
  • Retail transaction processing devices
  • Solar powered illuminated road signs
  • Solar powered roadside emergency communication systems

Where batteries have been the energy storage of choice, they are not always the best choice for an application. For example, batteries have high energy density, but generally require hours to recharge, whereas ultracapacitors have comparatively low energy density but can fully charge in seconds or a few minutes.

To further illustrate these tradeoffs, consider the example of a homeowner who occasionally uses a cordless drill or screwdriver for projects around the house. If it is battery-powered and hasn’t been charged recently, the homeowner likely will find that it needs to be charged for a few hours before it can be used, but then will operate for an hour or more. If it is ultracapacitor-powered, it will need to be charged for only a minute or so to operate for several minutes to drill a few holes or drive a few screws.

In the case of a solar-powered, remotely-located, LED-illuminated sign or roadside emergency telephone, batteries would have to be replaced at regular intervals to ensure reliable operation, whereas ultracapacitors could be charged a million or more times and continue performing reliably without replacement. The quick charge capability of ultracapacitors also allows more efficient storage as they can accept charge as quickly as the sun comes and goes.

A broad area of application requiring quick charge is energy harvesting. Energy harvesting devices capture excess energy from everyday movements. Examples include energy capture when a door closes or when someone sits down in a chair. This energy can then be re-used for other purposes (for example, power local lights or put into a building electrical system).

So if rapid charging and long life are priorities, ultracapacitors could be the power source of choice.

Maxwell Ultracapacitors

With a cycle life of 1,000,000 cycles, Maxwell Technologies ultracapacitors can be rapidly charged and discharged over, and over again, making them one of the most energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost effective ways to store energy.