Utilities responsible for the generation of high- and medium-voltage power employ monitoring and diagnostics to control the aging of different components in the grid and to guarantee the reliability of substation components.

CONDIS® capacitors for monitoring applications are especially used for generator stator winding condition assessment. The stator winding system, a key component, is one of the most stressed parts of a generator or motor. Conventional protection systems are not designed to identify insulation problems at an early stage. By using sophisticated detection systems which contain CONDIS coupling capacitors, potential problems can be detected and identified within the stator winding system or along the bus bar long before a fault appears.

In medium- and high-voltage substations, unexpected lightning-impulses can cause severe damage to substation components such as power transformers. Integrated in a complete measurement setup, CONDIS damped resistive/capacitive dividers monitor and provide diagnostics for severe events that occur in the electrical substation. Our technology detects existing problems within the substation so that the utility can perform maintenance before the failure occurs.

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