AC/DC Converter

AC/DC Converter

To reduce power losses, grid operators use high-voltage DC lines to transport electricity over long distances, connect large-scale power grids, and to reach isolated power stations such as offshore wind farms. High-voltage DC lines are also an efficient way to connect remote consumer groups or load centers to the grid.

Very short "back-to-back” DC connectors are also built to link out-of-phase grids or grids with different frequencies, such as grids in Europe, North America or Japan. Substations connect DC to AC lines, including AC/DC converters, circuit breakers, filtering for power quality and instrument transformers for measurement.

Maxwell Technologies develops and commercializes filter capacitors for high frequency filters used in AC/DC substations. Maxwell’s thyristor valve section capacitors ensure proper voltage distribution across the converter modules as well as RC-grading or grading resistances for DC bypass circuit breakers and capacitive dividers for RC voltage measurement.

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