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It’s 2019, Cheers! Readers’ Top 5 Favorites

It’s 2019, Cheers! Readers’ Top 5 Favorites

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Happy New Year, readers!

This post is to say thank you for your continued readership and interest in Maxwell Technologies. We hope you enjoyed a memorable celebration of the new year. The MAXPower Weekly editorial team looks forward to continuing to provide you with industry insights and Maxwell news updates.

Our team rounded up the top five reads from 2018 for those of you who may be new to the blog and would like a place to start exploring ultracapacitor (supercapacitor) technology and its applications. These articles gained the most views and interest from our online readers, so we hope you will find them informative too.

Here are the top five reads:

Energy storage

An Overview Of 6 Energy Storage Methods

Various energy storage methods have been devised to capture and store energy so that it can be fed back to the grid when it’s most needed. Here’s an overview of six energy storage technologies available today.

FERC orders and such

Is An Ultracapacitor A Battery? And Other Basic Questions Answered

Most people know what a battery is, but not everyone is familiar with ultracapacitors. If you are just discovering ultracapacitor technology, this article will answer some of the most common questions asked about ultracapacitors.

Resiliency and mobile storage

The Advantages Of Ultracapacitors In Wind Turbine Electric Pitch Control Systems

While batteries are efficient devices for many applications, ultracapacitors have the advantage when it comes to supporting a wind turbine’s electric pitch control system.

Less coal, more renewables in Europe

Wind, Water And Energy Storage: A Look At Kodiak Island’s Renewables Microgrid

Kodiak Island is known for its wild bears, its fish processing industry, and for its nearly 100 percent clean energy microgrid. Senior Firmware Engineer Chris James shares his observations on how renewables were stabilized on the island’s microgrid and the role of energy storage.

Less coal, more renewables in Europe

How Do We Stabilize The Grid With Higher Penetration Of Renewables?

If stabilizing a grid fed by renewables is the goal, microcycling batteries may prove inefficient. Ultracapacitors, on the other hand, are designed for high cycle applications that require long life and are a viable option for stabilizing a renewables grid.

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Best wishes for a healthy and happy 2019.

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