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Celebrating the New Year with Your Favorite Stories

Celebrating the New Year with Your Favorite Stories

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A new year always brings with it the sentiments of hope and a fresh start. Despite apprehensive discussions around changes in energy policy for 2017 and how those changes may present challenges to our industry, we choose to look at 2017 in a positive light.

Our future direction is always guided by where we’ve been, so we offer you this recap of top stories from last year (based on the number of views by our readers). Ultracapacitors, also known as supercapacitors, are employed in a variety of applications around the globe, from transportation to renewable energy to the grid. This selection of stories reflects how ultracapacitor cell technology is in action today, making a difference for customers worldwide.

Maxwell HV Minh Duc Vo is Maxwell’s HV test engineering manager, based in Switzerland. Most people think the high-voltage lab where he works is a place where lightning bolts strike—it’s actually a place where a series of quality tests happen in absolute silence. Take a look inside Maxwell Technologies’ high-voltage capacitor lab.
Maxwell UCSD From the outside, it looks like a big, boring metal box. But on the inside of one Maxwell ultracapacitor energy storage system, the fascinating process of solar smoothing is at work. Read the story of how Maxwell partnered with one of the top universities in the world, UC San Diego, to employ supercaps on the campus microgrid.
Maxwell GSS In the U.S., facilities that undergo a power loss must provide backup power within the first 10 seconds of a grid failure. Read about how Maxwell ultracapacitors provide reliable starting power for massive backup generators.
Ning Chen Ning Chen has a clear childhood memory of the deafening noise made by trains as they screeched to a stop in Beijing’s rail station. Now, ultracapacitors are used to reduce noise and heat and to recycle energy. Discover how regenerative braking does it.
Bill Nobody likes the sound of a vehicle that can’t crank. For Maxwell customer and professional truck driver Bill Harlow, his career depends on his truck starting every morning. He decided to switch from traditional lead-acid batteries to ultracapacitors for truck starting. Read about Bill Harlow’s on-the-road experience with ultracapacitor starting power.

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Mike EverettJessica Baris
Communications Specialist and Copywriter
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Jessica A. Baris is communications specialist and copywriter at Maxwell Technologies and enjoys telling a good story. Her background includes writing and editing for the high-tech, construction, and meetings and conventions industries. A San Diego native, Jessica earned a Master of Arts in rhetoric and writing from San Diego State University and a Bachelor of Arts in linguistics from the University of California, San Diego.


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