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#EarthDay2019: How Ultracapacitor Energy Storage Contributes to Energy Efficiency

#EarthDay2019: How Ultracapacitor Energy Storage Contributes to Energy Efficiency

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Earth Day began 49 years ago as an effort to raise awareness of the environment. Organizers of this year’s global event say it will involve a billion people in 192 countries around the world and have the same aim as the first Earth Day: to foster a better understanding of how we all can help "save our planet.” To that end, we thought it appropriate to provide you with insight into how Maxwell is helping; specifically where our ultracapacitors are helping to conserve and manage energy.

Ultracapacitors, also known as supercapacitors, are electrostatic energy storage devices that do not contain lead or acid. Among the variety of energy storage technologies on the market, ultracapacitors are unique in that they deliver high power in short timeframes and have the impressive ability to execute hundreds of thousands of cycles, making them a perfect fit for high power, high cycling system requirements. Below are a few examples of the diverse applications in which ultracapacitors contribute to greater energy efficiency.

Wind Turbines
Ultracapacitors pitch wind turbine blades to a safe position during excessive wind speeds or in the event of a utility power loss. Efficient pitch control is critical to protect the wind turbine from damage. Ultracapacitors provide reliable high power for the application and have the ability to charge and discharge rapidly. Wind farms benefit from ultracapacitors’ long life, little to no maintenance requirements, and their ability to perform effectively in hot and cold temperatures. The technology’s reliability and resilience helps reduce wind farm maintenance costs and the number of turbine climbs.

Grids and Microgrids
Strategies for energy storage have become imperative as the grid faces the phase-out of traditional generation sources and the phase-in of renewable energy. Ultracapacitor storage systems enable the integration of renewables by meeting the rigorous requirements of voltage and power quality applications in grids and microgrids. Ultracapacitors support solar and wind power smoothing, voltage sag mitigation, primary frequency response and generator bridging, ramping and regulation.

Ultracapacitors are resilient in shock and vibration environments and meet the high performance requirements of various backup and peak power automotive applications, including engine start-stop, active suspension, and electric steering and braking. Ultracapacitors contribute to greater system efficiency, weight savings and decreased CO2 emissions.

Industrial Equipment
Ultracapacitors serve the high power demands of industrial machines including cranes, forklifts, straddle-carriers, and other earth-moving and mining equipment. These applications require high productivity and durability—ultracapacitors provide an economical energy storage solution that also enables downsizing of diesel engines and significant fuel savings.

Maxwell Technologies is committed to helping fulfill the growing demand for power by designing ultracapacitor energy storage solutions that enable greater power system efficiency. To learn more about ultracapacitors, see our blog Is An Ultracapacitor a Battery?

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