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Calculate Your Engine Start Module Return on Investment with Maxwell’s Payback Calculator

Calculate Your Engine Start Module Return on Investment with Maxwell’s Payback Calculator

| Mark Burnside, Sr. Product Manager

The past dozen years or so have produced a large number of new aftermarket devices for your truck that are touted to save fuel, increase mileage, reduce operating costs, extend the life of the truck, lighten the truck, and many more benefits. Both fleet managers and truck owners face sorting out manufacturer claims, weighing the benefits, and predicting the dollar savings that the device will provide when installed in the trucks.

When considering the benefits of installing the Maxwell ESM, it’s easy to determine the savings and resultant payback period. Maxwell’s easy-to-use online payback calculator quickly calculates the savings you will experience after installing an ESM in your truck.

It asks you clear questions about three areas of savings opportunities:
1) jump-starts
2) excess idling
3) weight reduction

It then calculates costs in these three areas before and after the installation of the ESM and summarizes the savings opportunities for each. Maxwell makes no claims or automatic assumptions about percent savings in any of these areas. The results are 100% based on the values you enter. The calculator also gives you the ability to do "what-if” analysis by modifying individual entries to see the bottom-line effect on the total savings.

Mark BurnsideMark Burnside
Sr. Product Manager, Engine Starting
About this author

Mark Burnside joined Maxwell Technologies in 2008 as senior manager of program management, responsible for managing cross-functional teams in the development of ultracapacitor products from concept through production release. He contributed to the development of the Engine Start Module (ESM) product from its inception and was promoted to senior product manager, engine starting, in 2013.

Mark is a member of the Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) and an Associate Corporate member of the American Trucking Association (ATA) and the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC). Throughout his 40-year career he has held engineering management, program management and marketing management positions for several leading commercial high-tech companies, including Varian Associates, Xerox, Maxtor, Iomega and Ametek Programmable Power. For a six-year period, Mark owned and operated four Batteries Plus commercial/retail outlets, marketing and selling batteries to truck, bus and fleet customers. He holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of California at Berkeley.

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