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Harness the Power of Maxwell Generator Starting Solutions

Harness the Power of Maxwell Generator Starting Solutions

| Mark Burnside, Sr. Marketing & Business Development Manager, Industrial and Backup Power Systems

Maxwell Technologies Sr. Marketing and Business Development Manager, Mark Burnside, gives a first look at Maxwell Generator Starting Solutions at Power Generation Week in Orlando, FL.

Almost everyone has had the experience of being in a building, or at home, and suddenly the lights go out.

It’s inconvenient to have clocks go blank and have no way to charge electronic devices, but power failure is detrimental for facilities such as hospitals where doctors rely on power in the operating room, for financial data centers, where a power failure can result in significant data loss for customers, or for airlines, where generator failure can threaten safety and security for millions of travelers.

The backup generator industry exists precisely for these critical moments of grid power failure—generators are the crucial engines that get power surging through energy-critical facilities again.

However, even backup generators rely on something to help them operate as expected: lead-acid batteries. The Achilles’ heel of the generator industry, the lead-acid battery poses a variety of challenges for generator professionals, including regular maintenance, vulnerability and loss of power in low ambient temperatures.

Our expertise and experience in the application of ultracapacitor cell technology for engine starting has helped Maxwell Technologies pioneer the first ultracapacitor-based technology specifically designed to address generator starting. Today, we introduce Maxwell Generator Starting Solutions (GSS), a new product line of 12-volt and 24-volt modules that provide unprecedented power and speed for reliable starting of commercial and industrial standby and backup generators.

Lead-acid batteries operate via chemical reaction, which causes batteries to degrade over time. Maxwell’s ultracapacitor GSS modules are electrostatic devices that are resilient in especially low ambient temperatures, providing dramatic improvement in cranking performance and requiring little to no maintenance. Maxwell’s ultracapacitor GSS modules are designed to support a wide range of generators as large as 3.5 MW, including towables and stationary power systems. The GSS modules can be installed alongside batteries to provide burst power during cranking or can replace batteries entirely, thereby eliminating the decades-old issue of no-starts caused by generator dependence on lead-acid batteries.

We’re excited to introduce ultracapacitors to the generator industry because we’ve seen the consequences of lead-acid battery failure in this application. Ultracapacitors provide a level of reliability in generator starting that has not been attained by chemical-based batteries. Our aim is to give generator professionals and building owners a high level of confidence that their generator systems will start in the face of unexpected power loss.

Maxwell Generator Starting Solutions are now available through Maxwell distributor partners.

Mark BurnsideMark Burnside
Sr. Marketing and Business Development Manager – Industrial and Backup Power Systems
About this author

Mark Burnside joined Maxwell Technologies in 2008 as senior manager of program management, responsible for managing cross-functional teams in the development of ultracapacitor products from concept through production release. He contributed to the development of the Engine Start Module (ESM) product from its inception and was promoted to senior product manager, engine starting, in 2013.

Mark is a member of the Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) and an Associate Corporate member of the American Trucking Association (ATA) and the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC). Throughout his 40-year career he has held engineering management, program management and marketing management positions for several leading commercial high-tech companies, including Varian Associates, Xerox, Maxtor, Iomega and Ametek Programmable Power. For a six-year period, Mark owned and operated four Batteries Plus commercial/retail outlets, marketing and selling batteries to truck, bus and fleet customers. He holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of California at Berkeley.

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