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Inventors Race the Clock in Iron Chef Competition

Inventors Race the Clock in Iron Chef Competition

| Jessica Baris, Communications Specialist and Copywriter

Teams of materials scientists, electrical and mechanical engineers chop bright yellow bell peppers, dice tomatoes, and sprinkle seasoning under the pressure of a ticking clock.

"You’ve got 20 minutes left!" hollers Master Chef Anthony Salz over the kitchen clamor. The inventors toss veggies faster and turn the stove heat higher.

This was the scene of the Maxwell Technologies Inventor Awards event in which inventors participated in a one-hour Iron Chef competition to concoct a winning appetizer. The competition and awards ceremony took place at the San Diego Wine and Culinary Center to celebrate inventors’ recent patent achievements.

For example, the product development team was recognized with a Design Patent Award for the 51-volt ultracapacitor module, which features an integrated cooling fan, heat sinks, and the 2.85-volt cell with DuraBlueTM Advanced Shock and Vibration Technology. The module was developed for rugged, high vibration applications, such as transit bus and mining.

"Customers are seeking higher peak and continuous power performance from fewer cells and modules, and are generally trying to reduce system cost," says Kevin Stone, director of test and validation. "The 51-volt module was developed in response to this market trend."

Back in the kitchen, Master Chef Salz and his culinary staff gave a few helpful pointers to the six teams, but for the most part, the inventors had to rely on each other to cook up the most scrumptious and visually appealing dish. As the inventors shared recipe ideas, helped each other decide on ingredients, and traded off the tasks of preparing and cooking, the kitchen collaboration was looking a lot like the same spirit of innovation that takes place in the laboratory.

"Innovation is core to our company," says Stone. "Extending our patent portfolio is one way we extend our market leadership in the high-power energy storage space."

To learn more about energy storage innovation, tune in to the podcast How Does Ultracapacitor Energy Storage Work?

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Mike EverettJessica Baris
Communications Specialist and Copywriter
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