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Maxwell’s New Grid Energy Storage Subsystem Design-In with Siemens

Maxwell’s New Grid Energy Storage Subsystem Design-In with Siemens

| Kimberly McGrath, Ph.D., Sr. Director, Business Development and Technical Marketing
Maxwell CondisMaxwell Technologies’ ultracapacitor-based Grid Energy Storage System will be an integral technology in Siemens’ latest grid stabilizing system.

Maxwell’s commitment to facilitating renewable energy adoption has manifested at several levels for the past 20 years, and most recently, with a new design-in with Siemens.

We are pleased to share that our ultracapacitor grid energy storage subsystem is an integral element of the new Siemens Static VAR Compensator plus Frequency Stabilizer (SVC PLUS FS), a system designed to reduce the risk of grid load shedding or blackout.

This new solution combines the best of Maxwell and Siemens high-tech innovation and service to the electric power industry. The SVC PLUS FS delivers economical, fast responding, long life grid voltage and frequency support, enabling ISOs (independent system operators), electric utilities and transmission system operators to improve control of their grids.

Grid frequency is balanced via match of power generation and demand, and it must be maintained within specific set limits, even during a disturbance. After a fault, grid frequency is stabilized by the inertia (stored rotating energy) from power plant generators. As traditional coal and gas-fired power plants are being phased out and more renewable energy is introduced into the grid, new solutions for providing system inertia are necessary, as renewables provide little to no inertia needed for frequency stabilization.

When a fault or outage occurs on the grid, fast recovery from the event is critical. Maxwell’s ultracapacitor-based Grid Energy Storage Systems included in the Siemens SVC PLUS FS provide system inertia in the form of fast, active power injection into the grid. The rapid-responding, high power capability of Maxwell’s ultracapacitor subsystem bridges the time gap between the occurrence of grid power disruptions by arresting frequency drop to provide utilities the time to activate secondary power reserves.

It is truly groundbreaking to offer a solution that, in less than 50 milliseconds, can provide the reactive power necessary to stabilize the grid, while at the same time providing up to 200 megawatts of active power stored in Maxwell’s ultracapacitors. This type of power and response is not economically viable with battery-based grid energy storage systems. For example, a 50 MW battery system would be 3X larger and require more maintenance than the equivalent ultracapacitor system.

It is with great enthusiasm that we introduce our system solution to the market. Electricity keeps our world in motion, and through this product launch with Siemens are further enabling energy’s future.

View the press release.

Get a deeper look at Maxwell’s grid energy storage system in the Siemens solution.

KimDr. Kim McGrath
Ph.D., Sr. Director, Business Development and Technical Marketing
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Kimberly McGrath, Ph.D., MBA is senior director of business development and technical marketing at Maxwell Technologies. Dr. McGrath has spent her career in the field of energy storage applications and technologies. She has over 15 years of experience in the development and commercialization of energy storage solutions for electricity grid, industrial, and transportation applications, with specific expertise in building corporate strategic initiatives and business lines to profitably grow in emerging markets. She received her doctorate in chemistry from the University of Southern California and an MBA from The Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine.

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