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Maxwell’s Unique Position to Future-proof Grid Energy Storage

Maxwell’s Unique Position to Future-proof Grid Energy Storage

| Kimberly McGrath, Ph.D., Sr. Director, Business Development and Technical Marketing

We recently announced several new ultracapacitor subsystem products to meet the rapidly growing demand for reliable grid and microgrid scale energy storage.

Years in the making, we worked with leaders in the industry to ensure we directly addressed the shortcomings of existing storage solutions in power-intensive, rapid response applications. With the launch of these products we are adding key tools into the energy storage capability toolbox by improving functionality and lifetime; the most cost-effective and reliable energy storage methods are needed to ensure that the technical and business cases are met while ratepayers benefit from a low carbon future.

The applications for these new subsystems are numerous as standalone storage assets or synergistically utilized with other storage assets such as batteries to deliver stacked services. We’ve specifically designed them to readily integrate with standard power conditioning equipment. Our new smart cell management system (CMS) enables system-level prognostic/diagnostic capabilities designed to provide reliability and long system life, with digital communication functionality for integration with a system controller.

Globally, battery energy storage is typically selected to serve projects. Feedback we are receiving from multiple points in the field is that battery reliability and lifetime is not meeting expectations. Downtime of days and weeks are not uncommon. Further accelerating storage reliability and lifetime issues are the rapidly changing needs of the grid and consequent transformations in energy markets which are driving demand for storage to provide increased responsiveness, higher power, and rapid cycling. All of these factors contribute to premature battery ageing.

Therefore, a core focus of these new ultracapacitor (supercapacitor) products is to provide customers with a means to rapidly deliver power in a reliable way to meet or extend system lifetime. With these new products, storage owners can optimize the operations of their assets now, and mitigate the effects of (more demanding) future requirements.

For example, a service under transformation which increasingly demands the lifetime, performance and economics of ultracapacitors is fast frequency response—rapid injection of active power to correct imbalances and maintain system frequency. This need for improved frequency support is driven by an overall reduction in levels of system inertia as wind and PV renewable generation displaces synchronous generation.

I’m energized that Maxwell is delivering ready-to-integrate solutions for grid and microgrid energy storage as a performance and business case enabler in the energy storage toolbox. 

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KimDr. Kim McGrath
Ph.D., Sr. Director, Business Development and Technical Marketing
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Kimberly McGrath, Ph.D., MBA is senior director of business development and technical marketing at Maxwell Technologies. Dr. McGrath has spent her career in the field of energy storage applications and technologies. She has over 15 years of experience in the development and commercialization of energy storage solutions for electricity grid, industrial, and transportation applications, with specific expertise in building corporate strategic initiatives and business lines to profitably grow in emerging markets. She received her doctorate in chemistry from the University of Southern California and an MBA from The Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine.

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