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Michigan Truck Driver Eliminates Block Heater, Reduces Electric Bill with Maxwell ESM

Michigan Truck Driver Eliminates Block Heater, Reduces Electric Bill with Maxwell ESM

| Jessica Baris, Communications Specialist and Copywriter
Ryan Forrest has worked as a professional driver for the past 10 years for his father’s business, Sam Forrest and Sons, based in Michigan. In this interview, Ryan talks about his decision to install the ultracapacitor-based Maxwell Engine Start Module (ESM) in his truck and the advantages it gives him over battery-based starting.Ryan

professional truck driver

Company: Sam Forrest and Sons

Location: Michigan

Years in trucking business: 10

Average miles per year: 100,000

Routes: Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois; Texas and Florida in the winter

Freight: Refrigerated perishables: produce, pumpkins, flowers, frozen bread

Installed ESM: December 2014

Best part about ESM: Reliable starts in cold weather, no more hassle with plugging in a block heater, electric bill savings
Q: What’s the battery system in your truck, and how did you set it up with the ESM?
A: I have a Peterbilt 379 with a four battery system. I purchased one ESM and bought three Odyssey batteries to go with the ESM, and they cost more than the ESM. I used the ESM all of last winter.

Q: Why did you decide to install a Maxwell ESM on your truck?
A: It was a peace-of-mind purchase. I wanted to get one ever since I saw it in an ad with Alex Deborgorski from "Ice Road Truckers." I thought it’d be nice to have during the wintertime so I don’t have to worry about the truck not starting. Even when it’s cold out I can let the truck sit and just start it right up. I don’t have to worry about keeping the truck warm.

Q: How did you keep the truck warm before you installed the Maxwell ESM?
A: A block heater. Using the block heater in the wintertime can be a hassle and takes up quite a bit of electricity too. The electric bill shoots right up if you use the block heater all the time. With the ESM, you don’t have to plug the truck in when it’s cold out. You can just go out there and start it right up. It’s got to save quite a bit of money having the ESM installed.
Q: What’s the immediate difference you noticed after you installed the ESM?
A: Turns over like the snap of a finger.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share about your experience?
A: I would recommend the ESM to other drivers, especially if they don’t have an APU. The APU itself would keep the batteries charged up. The ESM will extend the battery life, and you don’t have to worry about the truck starting or worry about plugging the truck in. I highly recommend the ESM.

Mike EverettJessica Baris
Communications Specialist and Copywriter
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