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Meet Maxwell’s New 3-volt Product Platform

Meet Maxwell’s New 3-volt Product Platform

| Troy Brandon, Senior Product Line Manager

Maxwell is pleased to introduce its 3.0V ultracapacitor cell platform with the highest energy capacity to date for use in consumer and industrial electronics, transportation, renewable energy and information technology.

With two decades of experience in the design and manufacture of ultracapacitor (supercapacitor) energy storage, Maxwell has continually responded to the demands of various markets as new requirements have manifested year after year. One of the prevailing needs has been increased energy combined with high power. Our expertise has enabled us to respond to our customers once again.

Maxwell launches its 3-volt (3.0V) product platform, which includes 3.0V XP™ small cell ultracapacitors and the 3.0V 3400-farad large cell with DuraBlue® Advanced Shock and Vibration Technology. This new portfolio provides our customers with the flexibility to upgrade to a 3.0V solution to extend the expected life of their products and to decrease footprint and cost-optimize their system designs by using fewer cells or modules.

3.0V XP™ Small Cells Ultracapacitors

Our XP product line now offers Maxwell’s highest energy capacity cells with the new 3.0V XP small ultracapacitor cells. The 3.0V small cells range from 3F to 50F and are designed for use in actuators, emergency lighting, automotive, backup systems, telematics, robotics and smart meter applications.  These new solutions utilize the same form factor as the 2.7V products for simple integration into existing designs.

In smart meters for gas, water and electric utilities applications, there is a demand for enhanced connectivity and high power functionality to improve the accuracy of meter readings as well as response time to customers. Maxwell’s 3.0V small cells provide a robust alternative to the battery technologies used thus far, which tend to degrade when exposed to harsh weather conditions and require a regular maintenance program. In this application as well as the various other mentioned above, the 3.0V cells provide approximately 25% increase in power and 30% higher energy capacity, long life and fast-response for the most efficient performance.

3.0V 3400F Ultracapacitor Cell with DuraBlue® Advanced Shock and Vibration Technology

The newest member of Maxwell’s DuraBlue Advanced Shock and Vibration Technology product line, the 3.0V 3400F ultracapacitor cell achieves 40% higher power and 54% increase in stored energy when compared to Maxwell’s 2.7-volt, 3000-farad cell.

These features enable system designers to meet the requirements of high-voltage applications and attain reduced overall system weight and cost. The new cell maintains the same industry-standard cylindrical form factor and is deployable in full ultracapacitor systems or in a hybrid configuration with batteries, providing additional flexibility in design.

The 3.0V 3400F cell is qualified for high shock and vibration environments in heavy transportation, industrial automated guided vehicles and wind turbine applications, giving system designers confidence in the performance of our cells under demanding conditions.

In heavy transportation applications such as onboard rail, bus and heavy-duty trucking, the new cell means fewer energy storage modules are needed to achieve system requirements while saving space and weight, increasing reliability and efficiency, and contributing to reduced carbon emissions.

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) can benefit from this higher energy, higher voltage cell due to its long lifetime, durability and fast charging capability. The warehousing and manufacturing industries employing AGVs also face regulations that call for reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Maxwell’s 3.0V 3400F cell enables diesel engine downsizing when deployed in hybrid ultracapacitor-battery systems for energy recovery in lifting and rotating vehicles.

In wind turbines, the cell provides reliable, fast-responding energy storage for emergency pitch control. This critical application protects the wind turbine from damage during a grid power loss or excessive wind speeds. Traditionally, lead-acid batteries have served as backup power for pitch controls but have shown performance limitations in terms of cycle life and resiliency in extreme temperatures. The advantage of the new 3.0V ultracapacitor cell is high durability in cold and hot weather and improved power and energy density for fast, reliable blade pitches.

We are pleased to introduce the 3.0V platform and look forward to helping our customers and partners achieve higher value in their system designs. To see the press release, visit here.  

Mike EverettTroy Brandon
Senior Product Line Manager


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