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News Roundup: Distributed Energy Storage in CA, Microgrids Integrating Renewables, Reliance on Nuclear Still Going Strong

News Roundup: Distributed Energy Storage in CA, Microgrids Integrating Renewables, Reliance on Nuclear Still Going Strong

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A roundup of recent energy news headlines for our readers

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US nuclear plants closing down, but reliance is still going strong

The Houston Chronicle shares that US reliance on nuclear power is still going strong despite the shutdown of several plants over the past decade. According to the article, power generation from nuclear reached over 807 million megawatt hours in 2018, a slight increase from the previous peak in 2010 of 807.0 million MW hours. Since 2013, seven nuclear plants have been closed and two more are expected to retire in 2019. Learn more about the nuclear power dilemma and its implications for energy storage, including ultracapacitors, in this blog.

Virtual Power Plant

Virtual power plant in CA sets new world record for performance

A virtual power plant experiment in California has resulted in a new world record of 2 GWh of delivered grid services. In case you were wondering, a virtual power plant is a remote plant that combines energy resources from different locations into a network that provides reliable power 24/7. The project uses batteries to replace fossil fuels for peak demand in areas like Los Angeles and demonstrates that 100% clean energy policies are possible. Learn how ultracapacitor storage supports solar and wind energy and microgrids.

New England Grid

New England grid operators develop microgrids using energy storage

Speaking of microgrids, Microgrid Knowledge tells us that New England is working on its version of renewables integration. The challenge is in how to integrate more renewable energy onto the grid while keeping a stable transmission system and energy security. The region benefited for many years on pumped-hydro facilities but today has deployed 20 MW of grid-scale energy storage. Learn more about the interplay of pumped-hydro, energy storage, including ultracapacitors, and microgrids here.

Puerto Rico Power Grid

Puerto Rico aims for storm resilience and renewable energy with new bill

A new bill in Puerto Rico would set a 100% renewable goal by 2050, with a first milestone of 40% renewables by 2025. Before 2017’s Hurricane Maria, a solar and energy storage strategy would have been unheard of, but today is the focus of the island’s power plan. Learn how ultracapacitor energy storage works for remote grids and microgrids here

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