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A Passion for the Profession: Meet Jin Cheng, China Sales

A Passion for the Profession: Meet Jin Cheng, China Sales

| Jessica Baris, Communications Specialist and Copywriter

Jin Chen

What do you enjoy about your profession?
I enjoy the opportunity to be exposed to the rapidly transforming energy grid and to work on the front line of new high-voltage technology development.


What do you find fascinating about the utility industry?
The utility industry is fascinating when you consider the vast power grids where energy is generated, transformed and distributed to billions of families. Apparatuses ranging from 24 V to 1,100 kV are connected in utility networks, forming the energy base of our modern planet. The utility industry’s main theme is innovation—creating new technologies for a more reliable, safe and efficient network.


What is the most important thing to consider when serving a customer?
Think like the customer so that you can be sure to meet each of their wants and needs. 


Ask Jin a question

Can you share about an interesting customer application you supported?
A customer’s 1,100 kV four-chamber live tank circuit breaker was supposed to switch off the filter in an HVDC converter station, which has a very high transient voltage. I worked closely with the customer to ensure the switching capability by applying Maxwell’s HV grading capacitor. By means of design reinforcement and electric field simulation, Maxwell successfully met customer requirements and delivered the product as promised.

一个客户的1100kV 4断口敞开式断路器,其用来开断直流输电换流站中的滤波器,具有非常高的暂态电压。我和客户紧密的合作来确保麦克斯威均压电容器帮助客户的断路器均衡电压。经过加强设计和电场仿真,麦克斯威电容器成功的满足了客户的需求并顺利交付。

Which Maxwell core value do you relate to the most?
Relentless Passion. I practice relentless passion to deliver not only our products, but also to approach our customers with good faith to win their business.


What do you look forward to in 2017?
I look forward to closing business with customers in China, providing competent solutions, and being involved with customer innovation.


Ask Jin Cheng about solutions for:

High Voltage Circuit Breaker, Metering and Communication
Smart Grid
Business development in China


Mike EverettJessica Baris
Communications Specialist and Copywriter
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