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The Ultracapacitor Industry’s Four Critical Needs

The Ultracapacitor Industry’s Four Critical Needs

| Michael Everett, CTO and Vice President, Research

To make sure the growth opportunities that exist for ultracapacitor technology are taken advantage of to the fullest, the manufacturers of the technology have got to keep their eye on the ball in a number of areas. These are the top four critical needs of our industry:

1) Continued enhancement of the value proposition of the technology primarily through lower cost but also through better performance.

2) Regarding the advancing battery technology with appropriate respect and attention.  There is a vast amount of energy and money being invested in the battery technology business in an effort to achieve a one-size-fits-all solution. While it may be significantly challenging to achieve something like this, the probability is not zero; the ultracapacitor makers must pay close attention to these developments.

3) Continuing to educate the consumer on the benefits of ultracapacitors. While it is clear to those of us who work with ultracapacitors on a daily basis, it is still not fully clear to all those out in the industry what ultracapacitors can do now and what they will do in the future. More education must be achieved.

4) Finally, we must recognize that the end user needs a system solution, not a cell. It is up to the manufacturers to create partnerships and critical industry linkages and relationships as well as concentrating on developing in-house capability for energy storage systems integration.

Addressing these four critical needs for the industry will accelerate the adoption of the technology and deployment into those applications which can have the largest impact on the world energy stage.

Mike EverettMike Everett
CTO and Vice President, Research
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Mike Everett joined Maxwell in August 2002, assuming responsibility for technology systems, including product assurance and multiple systems engineering groups. In December 2005, he was appointed chief technical officer. Before joining Maxwell, he spent seven years overseeing product development for 3D Systems Inc., a California-based technology company that designs and manufactures three-dimensional imaging systems. Over a 16-year engineering career, Mike has been responsible for all levels of new product development, primarily focused on systems engineering.

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