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2016 Summer Issue
Thank you, Survey Participants
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We are pleased to announce that David from Alabama won the raffle for the $100 Visa® gift card. Congratulations, David! Thank you to the readers who participated in the newsletter survey. Your replies were very helpful and we made adjustments to this issue based on your feedback.

Here’s what one of our readers had to say:

I am now on my third truck, and still have my first ESM. I won’t run my truck without one. I can sit and use all my battery power from my remaining batteries and my ESM will still start my truck. I’m buying three Optima deep cycle batteries to enhance my truck. These batteries are better at charging and discharging energy and provide better use for my hotel load. If you don’t have an ESM, get one, you'll never regret it.
—Mark Ulloa, Ulloa Trucking

Thanks for your input, and we appreciate your continued readership.
Tech Tip: The Importance of Starting and Charging System Maintenance
By Mark Burnside, Senior Product Manager – Engine Starting
Keving Rutherford

From time to time new customers call our Technical Support Line for help with installing the Maxwell ESM only to discover that pre-existing, poor state-of-maintenance of the starting/charging system is affecting the ESM’s ability to function properly. Our expert trucking specialists often uncover one or more of the following issues:

  • Poor quality cabling between alternator, batteries, starter motor, and ESM
  • Corroded cables and connections
  • Loose connections
  • Batteries at or near end of life

These conditions invariably cause starting problems—whether starting with lead-acid batteries or the ESM. Once these are resolved, customers find that the ESM enables reliable starts once again.

We have compiled several industry-standard best practices from published articles in trade magazines, authored by recognized experts in the trucking industry. These tech tips can be used to help solve starting and charging system issues and provide optimal starting performance from the Maxwell ESM. As always, it is best to check your equipment manufacturers recommendations.

Inspect all wiring and cabling involved in engine starting and battery charging.

  • Look for corroded connections, particularly in butt splices and ring terminals. Clean or replace cables and/or ring terminals if any sign of corrosion is seen; corroded copper will be lime green in color.
  • Flex the cabling and wiring within one foot of every terminal and replace if:
    • “Crunching” is heard or felt; this means that there is significant corrosion of copper conductors inside the cable
    • Green or white powder is visible or falls out of the end of the cable near crimp connections

Check tightness of all threaded connections.
Put a wrench on them; don’t just wiggle the cable to check tightness.

Load test batteries.

  • Remove all cables from both battery terminals of all batteries.
  • Use a comprehensive battery system tester to perform a conductive test on each battery. Note that many of today’s battery testers are capable of testing overall system health of the electrical system. Run all tests that the tester is capable of performing.
  • Correct any and all faults reported by the tester; be sure to replace bad batteries with the same type (AGM, starting, or dual-purpose) and CCA rating.
  • Inspect battery terminals and all lug ring terminals.
    • Clean away any visible corrosion (sometimes black in color, indicating arcing caused by loose connection) with a stiff wire brush.
    • Ensure that the full surface area of ring lugs is available for contact and not covered by heat shrink tubing or plastic/rubber over-molding.
  • Reconnect all cables and adequately torque nuts on terminals to the correct specification.

As a final step, start and shut off the engine 5 to 7 times.

Immediately after the last cycle, and without wearing gloves, slide your hand the full length of all cables between the ESM and the starter motor. Any warm spots or hot spots along the way indicate unwanted resistance inside the cable caused by broken or corroded copper conductor wiring. Replace the cable with like gauge and type.

Note that these steps are rather simple and straightforward, and there is a real possibility that other pre-existing problems may be present which would require more extensive troubleshooting efforts. An example would be measuring voltage drop from the batteries to the starter motor and from the alternator to the batteries.

Click the link below for a video that covers voltage drop testing in more detail:

Voltage Drop Test | Delco-Remy Tech Tip

To be certain that a comprehensive and thorough test of the starting system is achieved and all pre-existing problems are isolated, resources may be used such as the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) of the American Trucking Association’s (ATA) Recommended Practice 129A (RP-129A) for procedures to test the cable interconnects between all the starting and charging system components for maximum voltage drop.

If you have any ESM installation questions, feel free to call our Technical Support Line at (888) 890-3337.

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