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Spring 2016
In this Issue
- Rail Yard Driver Kicks Out ‘Truck Gremlins’ with the Maxwell ESM
- Have You Tried the ESM Return on Investment Calculator?
- Q&A with Trucking Industry’s Kevin Rutherford of Let’s Truck Talk Radio, Part II
- Maxwell Meets with the Best in Trucking at Technology & Maintenance Council and Work   Truck Show
- Experiencing Downtime with Your Industrial Vehicles? Maxwell’s 24V ESM to the Rescue
- Where Do I Buy the ESM?
Rail Yard Driver Kicks Out ‘Truck Gremlins’ with the Maxwell ESM
MikeJump-starts were a ritual for professional driver Mike Deffely during the fall and winter seasons. When dead batteries left him stranded, he’d shell out fifty to one hundred dollars for a jump-start. He’d miss the cash, but that didn’t bother him nearly as much as the pressure of making his delivery on time and staying on track with his logbook.

"I used to kid and say, ‘I think I have gremlins in my truck,’" says Mike, as he recalls the multiple times he had to wait for his mechanics to give his truck a jump-start or troubleshoot the cause of the starting problems. After multiple breakdowns, Mike searched for a solution and came across the Engine Start Module (ESM) by Maxwell Technologies.

"When I heard about the ESM, I was like, alright that sounds like what I need," Mike says. "As soon as I installed the ESM, I didn’t have to worry about it anymore. I have absolutely no fear of my truck not starting whatsoever."
Have You Tried the ESM Return on Investment Calculator?
Mike The past dozen years or so have produced a large number of new aftermarket devices for your truck that are touted to save fuel, increase mileage, reduce operating costs, extend the life of the truck, lighten the truck, and many more benefits. Both fleet managers and truck owners face sorting out manufacturer claims, weighing the benefits, and predicting the dollar savings that the device will provide when installed in the trucks.

When considering the benefits of installing the Maxwell ESM, it’s easy to determine the savings and resultant payback period. Maxwell’s easy-to-use online payback calculator quickly calculates the savings you will experience after installing an ESM in your truck.

It asks you clear questions about three areas of savings opportunities:
1) jump-starts
2) excess idling
3) weight reduction

It then calculates costs in these three areas before and after the installation of the ESM and summarizes the savings opportunities for each. Maxwell makes no claims or automatic assumptions about percent savings in any of these areas. The results are 100% based on the values you enter. The calculator also gives you the ability to do “what-if” analysis by modifying individual entries to see the bottom-line effect on the total savings.

It’s a worthwhile exercise to run the Maxwell ESM ROI calculator just for kicks. You might be surprised!
Q&A with Trucking Industry’s Kevin Rutherford of Let’s Truck Talk Radio, Part II
Keving Rutherford

In our last issue we featured an interview with Kevin Rutherford, host of Let’s Truck on SiriusXM radio. Kevin discussed how the Maxwell Engine Start Module (ESM) translates into savings, improves uptime, and gives drivers and fleet operators the confidence that their trucks will start. This is part II of the interview. This time, Kevin talks about the difference between lead-acid batteries and ultracapacitors, the advantage of ultracapacitors in cold weather starting, and how to resolve excessive idling. You can listen to Kevin on his Let’s Truck radio show on SiriusXM Channel 146 every night at midnight and weekends from 4-7 p.m. Eastern Time.

Click here if you prefer to listen to the full interview.

Maxwell: The Maxwell ESM is made up of ultracapacitors. Many drivers aren’t aware of the difference between lead-acid batteries and ultracapacitors. How would you explain the difference?
KR: The ESM is not using a chemical reaction between acid and lead. The ESM builds up electrical charge quickly and releases it quickly. That’s why it’s so good at starting an engine. We want all the power coming out of that device into the engine, turning it over quickly. That’s good for the starter, and it’s really good for starting an engine in cold weather.

Maxwell: Where do you see the advantage of ultracapacitors over lead-acid batteries in cold weather?
KR: We could see a battery problem at any temperature, but we know that lead-acid batteries are really affected by cold weather. They lose a lot of their efficiency. And then we combine that with another problem that comes up in cold weather, and that is the engine itself—all the fluids are cold, and the oils tend to get thicker. An engine that’s cold is much more difficult to start. A lead-acid battery that’s cold is not very efficient. The Maxwell ESM is not really affected by cold temperature, and it provides so many more cold cranking amps. A cold engine is going to be much easier to start when we’re putting almost twice the cold cranking amps of most batteries directly to the starter. The ESM really is the best possible option for cold weather starting.

Maxwell: In your opinion, what is the main reason that drivers idle their trucks excessively?
KR: We recommend keeping an idling log before finding an idling solution. Why are you idling? Traditionally it’s for temperature control. We either need to run a heater or air conditioner, but more often now it’s the other hotel loads—the refrigerator, the invertor that we’re going to run our laptop off of, our TV, satellite system, Wi-Fi router. Just look at all these electronics that are being added to the truck. Many people are idling to power all of these devices.

Maxwell: Do you believe that a major benefit of the ESM is reducing idling time?
KR: Yes, because when we install the ESM we can now forget about cold cranking amps and buy batteries that have more amp hours, which allow us to power our devices without idling the truck for longer periods of time. We don’t have to constantly monitor the voltage to make sure we have enough. We can run the other batteries and know that we have the amperage and volts to start the truck when we need to.

Maxwell: What do you believe the future of ultracapacitor engine starting is?
KR: It’s clear that this is a technology that should become integrated and standard on every truck. It’s one of those things that I believe someday we’ll stop talking about because it will just be part of every truck.

Maxwell: Your passion is to help professional drivers improve their careers. What motivates you so much?
KR: I used to look at the things I was bad at and I tried to get better at them. It was frustrating and I didn’t accomplish much. Then I read a book that turned everything upside down. It said forget about what you’re bad at. Find out what you’re really good at and become excellent at what you love to do. I love learning, reading and understanding complex ideas and teaching it to others.

Maxwell: Kevin, we appreciate all you do for the industry, and thanks again for sharing how you’ve seen the Maxwell ESM make a difference for trucking professionals.
KR: Thank you for having me. It’s a topic I love talking about because it’s just clearly one of those breakthrough technologies that really is a game changer.
Maxwell Meets with the Best in Trucking at Technology & Maintenance Council and Work Truck Show

At the beginning of March, Maxwell Technologies attended two major shows in the trucking industry: the ATA Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition and the NTEA Work Truck Show. If we didn’t see you there, here’s your chance to get the lowdown and check out the Maxwell team in our photo slide show.

TMC is the American Trucking Associations’ largest annual event, and this year it was held in Nashville—music city! The Maxwell team greeted customers in our 20' x 20' booth, which showcased the ESM ULTRA 31/1800 and the ESM option on Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks. Visitors got to interact with the live ESM demo and learn how the ESM is easily installed alongside Group 31 batteries.

TMC is the only industry association in the United States that focuses on truck technology and maintenance, bringing together fleets, equipment suppliers and service providers. Meet our very own TMC members:

Mark Burnside, Maxwell’s senior product manager, is a member of the S.11 Sustainability and Environmental Technology Task Force and Future Truck Committee. Mark is currently chairing the Future Energy Conservation (Joint with S.11) Task Force.

Jeff Brakley, Maxwell’s senior business portfolio manager – truck, is a member of the S.1 Electrical & Instruments Task Force, and Co-Chair of the RP 129A Update (Starting and Charging Procedures). Jeff was elected to chair a new task force to develop recommended practices exclusively for testing electrochemical capacitors used in starting systems.

The NTEA Work Truck Show was held the same week in Indianapolis. We had the pleasure of meeting work truck fleet operators and upfitters, who agreed with our show motto: "It's not a work truck if it’s not working."

If you missed us at the shows, feel free to reach out any time at We’d be happy to hear from you and answer your questions about reliable, powerful starts with the Maxwell ESM. Enjoy the photos!

TMC 2016 Maxwell
Experiencing Downtime with Your Industrial Vehicles? Maxwell’s 24V ESM to the Rescue
ESM to the rescue

Do you operate a fleet of cranes, backhoes, bulldozers, graders, pavers, off-road trucks, portable compressors and other industrial vehicles with diesel engines? If you are experiencing starting problems and downtime, look no further than Maxwell’s 24-volt ESM.

We designed the 24-volt ESM just for those non-trucking vehicles that use 24-volt starting systems. It’s perfect for starting in cold weather as well as for equipment that sits unused for long periods of time.

Batteries don’t stay charged for more than a few weeks and it’s always a headache to jump-start a piece of equipment that sat too long without being started.* “Lot rot” as it is often called, is the bane of infrequently used vehicles.

The 24-volt ESM solves these problems by providing 24 volts in a single BCI Group 31 enclosure. Install the 24-volt module to improve equipment uptime and starting reliability. Just like Maxwell’s 12-volt ESM, the 24-volt ESM cranks and starts an engine when batteries can’t, especially in the face of cold weather and/or infrequent use.

Two models are available to best suit your needs:
o ULTRA 31/900/24V for starting diesel engines up to 12.5 liters
o ULTRA 31/1100/24V for engines up to 15 liters

The 24-volt ESM is available from any of Maxwell’s authorized distributors in North America. START STRONG with Maxwell.

*Lead-acid batteries still power ECM/ECU. Results may vary. Additional terms and conditions, including the limited warranty, apply at the time of purchase. See the warranty details and datasheet for applicable operating and use requirements.
Where Do I Buy the ESM?
To locate a Maxwell ESM distributor near you, visit our “Where to Buy” page and enter your city or zip code. Call or email us at (877) 511- 4324 or We look forward to serving you.

Where to buy
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