ESA Energy Storage | April 18-20, 2018 | Boston, Massachusetts

Let’s meet in Boston for the Energy Storage Association’s 28th Annual Conference and Expo!
What are the specific challenges you encounter with grid services (T&D), bulk power and behind the meter? We look forward to learning about your energy storage strategy and how we can support your goals for a robust power grid that meets the needs of your customers.

Join us in booth #1125 to learn more about our stacked services, including solar and wind firming, time shifting of energy, fast frequency response, voltage support, peak shaving, and resource adequacy and capacity. Our team will be available to answer your most pressing questions about long system life, capture of multiple value streams, fast-response, and high c-rate applications and solutions for the grid.

Supercapacitor energy storage is our specialty.
Maxwell Technologies designs and manufactures supercapacitor (ultracapacitor) energy storage technology and has deployed millions of cells in diverse applications, including automotive, the grid and renewable energy, industrial and heavy transportation. Supercapacitors are electrostatically-based energy storage devices that provide grid operators with these advantages:

  • Higher power plant efficiency
  • Deferred investment
  • Control and convenience

If you have a question ahead of the conference, get in touch directly with our grid team by filling out the form above. Browse our grid-related topics below to learn more about Maxwell’s role in energy storage.

See you soon.