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Bob and Linda Caffee: Peace of Mind with the Maxwell Engine Start Module

I installed the unique ESM ULTRA 31/900 and tested it in harsh, bitter cold weather. The lowest temperature so far has been seven degrees below zero. I was very impressed with how easy and fast my starter motor cranked the engine. The ESM gives me peace of mind and the freedom to use extra power for my computer and other equipment how and when I want, without running the engine.
– E.J. Wal

"Wow, I never heard it start like that before.”
- Chief mechanic, large for-hire fleet

"Designed perfectly for the application.”
- Mechanical design engineer for Class 8 truck manufacturer

"The ESM alone cranks the engine faster than the 4 lead-acids ever did.  Engine starts much quicker now.”
- Freight expeditor owner/operator

"It’s incredibly light – when I first picked one up, I thought it was an empty shell countertop unit.”
- Director of Fleet Maintenance for private fleet

"I am impressed.  Our Monday morning jump-start nightmare is gone since we converted the trucks to ESM’s”
- Maintenance mechanic for large ready-mix fleet

"I take my teenage son with me every summer.  He used to watch videos and listen to music all night, and caused me major starting problems the next morning.  The ESM solved that problem.”
- Owner/operator for major coast-to-coast moving company

"This is good.  My headache is burned up starter motors from low-voltage cranking with weak batteries.  The ESM makes that problem go away.”
- Fleet manager for large refrigerated transport company

"Due to the light weight of the ESM, I can now load 42 pounds more product without a weight problem.”
- Logistics manager for regional tanker fleet

"Very easy to install, just ran a new wire for the truck’s electronics. 13 degrees out yesterday morning and it started better than if it had new batteries and was plugged in. I'm going to install them in both of my Pete's.’
- Owner/Operator

"Battery voltage [of lead-acid batteries] can be 10 volts and the engine starts right up.  To me, that’s amazing.”
- Fleet maintenance manager for long-haul private fleet  

"Maxwell’s 24-volt ESM allows our 6.7L diesel equipped machines to successfully start at arctic temperatures, even with batteries that have been intentionally drained. By removing the batteries from the cranking equation, the ESM allows machines to maintain much more stable voltages to sensitive electronics during cranking, preventing the problems that coincide with trying to start a machine with dead batteries."
- Charles Hedrick III, control systems and electrical engineer at Manitowoc Cranes  

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