You Get A Call At 2 A.M. That Your Customer’s Genset Didn’t Start.

You’ve done your duty—regular monthly genset service, including battery maintenance—and yet a genset failure to start still happens.

The building owner is under severe pressure to recover from the debacle, and you’re under pressure to get the power back on. Your team rushes to the site, and discovers that the cause of the failure to start is battery-related.

Now, new starting technology is available to you from Maxwell Technologies. Maxwell Generator Starting Solutions (GSS) can restore your peace-of-mind and put an end to late night panic calls caused by battery system problems.

Reliable, Worry-Free Genset Starting Is Possible with Ultracapacitor Starting Technology.

There are three key advantages that ultracapacitors have over batteries: higher power, fast-response, and long lifetime. Maxwell GSS modules are built on the durable and proven performance of our proprietary ultracapacitor technology. Ultracapacitors provide high-burst starting power for gensets up to 3.5 MW. That’s what we call reliable, worry-free genset starting.

We start generators like nobody else.

NFPA 110 Type 10 says that within 10 seconds of a power failure, your genset must restore power. With that kind of compact timeline, you can’t afford to be a second offbeat.

Maxwell GSS modules crank gensets faster—and stronger—than batteries. That’s because on the inside, our technology is all about electrostatic power.

On average, batteries have to be replaced every 2 years. The lead and acid inside batteries makes them vulnerable to changes in temperature and other factors, creating a weak point in your genset system.

Unlike batteries, our ultracapacitors contain no lead and no acid. This difference makes them more reliable in the face of variable conditions over the course of many years. We can proudly say that Maxwell GSS modules provide up to 10 years of reliable, maintenance free starting.*

Work with us to eliminate critical seconds of cranking time. Gain back the seconds you need to meet or surpass requirements of NFPA 110.

Download NFPA 110 compliant hybrid system diagram


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We have a generator starting solution to meet a variety of applications, from towable gensets to stationary power systems. Download the datasheet to learn more about 12 and 24-volt Maxwell GSS options.

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