GSS Module Sizing Calculator

Are you a backup power specialist interested in the starting reliability of Maxwell Generator Starting Solutions?

Download the free Maxwell GSS Module Sizing Calculator to determine the number of ultracapacitor-based GSS modules required for your application.

The calculator is easy to use—simply input the values associated with each category for your system.

  • The calculator covers 12-volt and 24-volt diesel engines in the range of 2.2 to 109 liters.
  • The number of Maxwell GSS modules is calculated as a function of desired cranking time, liter displacement, lowest expected cranking temperature, number of starter motors, oil weight, and low-voltage cutout of control panel.
  • The calculator also provides you with the approximate number of modules you’ll need when the modules are at or near end-of-life condition for your specific application.

Call (877) 511-4324 or email to talk to a Maxwell specialist about your requirements. We’ll make sure to get all your questions answered.

Download the free Maxwell GSS Module Sizing Calculator

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The calculator is a self-help tool. This information is provided for illustrative purposes only. Results may vary depending on your individual circumstances.