eCALL and Door Lock

Emergency call (eCall) and door lock/unlock are auto applications that require reliable backup power in the event the vehicle’s main power system fails. In traffic collisions, it is likely that the vehicle’s battery system becomes damaged or unavailable, making the backup power source of paramount importance to ensure critical subfunctions remain operational.

Maxwell’s proprietary ultracapacitor technology specializes in high power backup for eCall, door lock/unlock and other subfunctions that require reliable power in the range of a few seconds to two minutes. Our solutions offer excellent performance in cold, hot and humid environments and feature a compact form factor for streamlined integration.

eCall – The Emergency Call Service

ecall ultracapacitor

As of spring 2018, all new cars and light commercial vehicles in the European Union must feature eCall to help reduce emergency response time for vehicles involved in an accident. Our ultracapacitor solutions help to ensure reliable backup power for this soon-to-be ubiquitous application.

Door Lock/Unlock – Reliable Activation

ultracapacitor door lock and unlock

Maxwell ultracapacitor solutions provide instantaneous high power for reliable door locking and unlocking and high resilience in varied weather conditions.

Product Recommendation: XP™ Series Ultracapacitor Cells for Compact, Reliable Power

Maxwell XP™ Series cells are tailored to automotive environments by delivering reliable, efficient performance within an extended temperature range while helping to enable sleeker packaging and flexibility when designing for a 12V system solution.

Our XP Series ultracapacitor solutions are specifically designed for optimum performance in hot and humid environments—conditions that often limit the lifespans of lead-acid batteries. The XP cells also excel down to
-40°C,* providing a wider operating temperature range than most battery technologies available.

Ensure the highest reliability, performance and lifetime for your eCall and door lock/unlock project with Maxwell’s proprietary ultracapacitor technology and technical expertise.

Design Benefits of the XP Series

  • Small footprint and weight savings
  • Operating temperature range of –40°C to 85°C*
  • 3 to 50 farad capacitance range
  • Optimized for high volume manufacturing
  • Compliant with UL, RoHS and REACH

Benefits Of Ultracapacitors For ECall And Door Lock

Sized for the lifetime of the vehicle*

Excellent reliability in hot and humid conditions

Low to no maintenance

Compact form factor

Better value than lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries

Suitable for global deployment


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*Results may vary. Additional terms and conditions, including the limited warranty, apply at the time of purchase. See the warranty details for applicable operating and use requirements.