Integration of Distributed Power Grids

The shift from centralized power grids to distributed power systems is presenting electric utilities with new challenges at the distribution level.

Power generation from renewable energies must now be integrated into systems that were primarily designed for larger and more predictable power plants, such as nuclear or coal power plants. To guarantee the grid stability of such distributed power grids, the main challenge will play out at the boundary and on the MV existing network of traditional stable and well-understood territories.

CONDIS® high- and medium-voltage products are placed at these boundaries or "grid edges” for metering or power line communication (PLC) systems. Coupling capacitors for PLC applications are used with onboard electronics, where the supply of distributed generation (such as solar and wind plants) into the grid can be disconnected by the network/transmission utility for maintenance and repair without introducing risks to grid stability. Additionally, the PLC couplers are used for broadband power line communication for smart grid deployment and enable data transmission rates up to 30 mbps for network communication using the power grid.

As an added advantage, CONDIS® damped voltage dividers are part of lightning overvoltage monitoring systems which monitor the grid to improve power quality in smart grid systems.

Reliability, high electrical performance and resilience in extreme temperature environments are the trademarks of CONDIS® products, providing our customers with first-class capacitors in the power grid market.