Active Suspension

Active suspension, also known as electric active roll control, offers drivers an improved experience by smoothly raising and lowering the body of the car while navigating turns and bumps on the road. This advanced feature helps to reduce vehicle sway, improve vehicle responsiveness, increase safety and improve fuel economy.

On the system level, active suspension requires high power and low energy. Maxwell’s ultracapacitors are specialized for high power and repetitive cycling, providing rapid power boosts for the actuator’s continuous reaction to tight turns and uneven areas of the road. Our ultracapacitor automotive subsystems are customized for OEM requirements.

Meet Peak Power Demands for Active Suspension with Maxwell’s Automotive Subsystems

Electrification is driving new requirements for energy storage to support all the feature functions being added to the boardnet. Active suspension is a key feature on new 48-volt boardnets and requires high-rate discharge and regeneration capability.

Due to high peak demands, our ultracapacitor technology serves as a dedicated energy source for the application. Our ultracapacitor-based subsystems work in conjunction with the actuator on the 48-volt boardnet to provide the power to lift and lower the car’s chassis for stabilization. Our technology’s low internal resistance ensures high efficiency and low power losses, resulting in an effective active roll control response and smooth handling.

Active Suspension Ultracapacitors

Unlike batteries, which have difficulty attaining high cycling, ultracapacitors are electrostatic sources that specialize in meeting high cycling and peak power system requirements. Our subsystems provide efficient energy regeneration, robust performance in a wide temperature range, faster response time, and sustained performance over the life of the vehicle.*

Benefits of Ultracapacitors for Active Suspension

Maxwell ultracapacitor quality for automotive applications
High power density/low ESR

green energy solutions
Small footprint and lightweight

ultracapacitor performance
Sized for the lifetime of the vehicle*


ultracapacitor patented manufacturing process
Unmatched cold temperature performance

cost effective ultracapacitor automotive solutions
High performance efficiency and energy recuperation, no active cooling


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