Electric Steering And Braking

Electric power assisted steering (EPAS) and electric brake boosters (EBB) are designed to achieve greater fuel efficiency, passenger safety and vehicle maneuverability. Today, they are progressively replacing hydraulic and mechanical systems in various vehicles, from small cars to trucks.

EPAS replaces the traditional hydraulic pump, power steering fluid and other components, thus requiring less maintenance and increasing performance efficiency. EPAS adds advanced capabilities to the vehicle including ride handling, steering control and active park assist.

EBB is also assisted by an electric motor, reducing the amount of pedal pressure needed for braking and using a sensor in the brake pedal to read a driver's actions.

Both systems will become ubiquitous as more advanced automotive technologies emerge, including autonomous vehicles. Ultracapacitors are positioned to play a pivotal role in serving both peak power applications and delivering a high reliability energy storage.

Achieving Peak Power Demands with Maxwell Ultracapacitor-based Subsystems

Electric power assisted steering and braking are typical peak power applications that create high stress load on the vehicle boardnet, which in turn causes high stress load on the battery. Energy charge flow and management is undertaken by DC-DC converter(s) to maximize system efficiency while maintaining a stable boardnet.

In the example below, a car attempts to park in a small space and requires peak power for an extreme steering angle. In this maneuver, our ultracapacitor energy storage subsystem reduces transient loads by providing rapid high power to the boardnet. Our subsystem is dedicated to the peak power requirement and contributes to efficient energy management by removing load off the primary battery system.

Benefits of Ultracapacitors for Electric Power Assisted Steering
and Braking

Maxwell ultracapacitor quality for automotive applications
High power delivery with efficient
charge and discharge

ultracapacitor performance
Long lifetime

ultracapacitor patented manufacturing process
Wide operating temperature range
(–40 to 65°C)*

cost effective ultracapacitor automotive solutions
Low ESR (equivalent series resistance)
/low power losses


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