The future demands that today’s vehicles evolve. Each generation of vehicles is more intricate, connected and automated. Automotive leaders face a multitude of challenges—they must deliver more sophisticated performance for their customers, improve safety, meet environmental regulatory requirements such as lowering CO2 emissions, and keep up with electrification trends.

Maxwell Technologies supports the ascent to the next tier of automotive innovation by providing our proprietary ultracapacitor cell technology for additional efficiency and value in the vehicle. Ultracapacitors, with their high-power performance and resiliency in rugged environments, offer fast-responding energy storage for demanding applications that in many cases cannot be achieved by batteries alone.

Discover how a partnership with Maxwell can enhance performance, reliability and quality in the next generation of advanced automobiles.

Automotive leaders build with our solutions.

General Motors
Continental AG

Ultracapacitors for automotive high power applications

Explore where we enhance vehicle performance.

Continental designed-in our ultracapacitor technology for the voltage stabilization system supporting start-stop in Lamborghini and PSA Peugeot Citroën models, and that’s only the beginning. Automotive leaders are pushing the boundaries of what the vehicle can attain experientially and mechanically. Complex, high-power applications become possible with our solutions.

supercapacitors for automotive start stop applicationsStart-stop
Maxwell’s ultracapacitors relieve vehicle batteries from high current, repetitive cycling for seamless engine restarts.


automotive regenerative energy recoveryActive suspension
On the system level, active suspension requires high power and low energy. Our ultracapacitor-based subsystems work in conjunction with the actuator on the 48-volt boardnet to provide the power to lift and lower the car’s chassis for stabilization.


ultracapacitors for power assist hybrid electric carseCall and door lock
Reliable backup power is crucial in the event the vehicle’s main power system fails. Ensure the highest reliability, performance and lifetime for your eCall and door lock/unlock project with Maxwell’s solutions.


ultracapacitors for power assist hybrid electric carsElectric steering and braking
Electric power assisted steering (EPAS) and electric brake boosters (EBB) are designed to achieve greater fuel efficiency, passenger safety and vehicle maneuverability.


Industry leader in ultracapacitor technology design.

Maxwell ultracapacitor quality for automotive applications
Unmatched quality

Developing technology for the automotive industry is no easy task. Our solutions pass rigorous industry requirements and are automotive-quality certified.

green energy solutions
Hybrid-capable system design

In the face of issues with batteries’ performance in low temperatures, ultracapacitors can augment battery efficiency in applications such as start-stop and e-turbo.

ultracapacitor performance
Proven performance

Today, 6.1 million drivers experience enhanced power performance with Maxwell’s integrated ultracapacitor technology.

the best support in ultracapacitor applications
Engineering and field support

Our application engineers bring extensive knowledge in full ultracapacitor storage systems and in hybrid approaches, working with you from concept to completion.

ultracapacitor patented manufacturing process
Patented manufacturing process

Our high-purity activated carbon and dry electrode manufacturing process is unequaled by competitors—and is the gateway to our power-dense ultracapacitors that support complex applications across industries.

cost effective ultracapacitor automotive solutions
Efficient and cost-effective

Current customers have achieved longer life, significant weight reductions, and reliable cold temperature performance with our solutions.

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