The combined effects of global decarbonization and increased decentralized energy consumption have strained traditional electric utility grid networks, giving rise to an increase in the number of momentary outages with economic impact of tens to hundreds of thousands per event. With respect to critical facilities and critical loads, any power failure, real or estimated, is unacceptable.

Protection of campuses, military bases, commercial and industrial sites, or remote operations (off-grid microgrids) necessitates a microgrid to support resilience by maintaining continuity of energy supply when the primary utility electric grid is affected by natural or man-made disruptions. Enabled by intelligent control technology, microgrids manage the operation of distributed generation resources while connected to the utility grid or are utilized as an independent power system.

Microgrids support resilience objectives by maintaining continuity of energy supply when primary sources are affected by natural or man-made disruptions and can ensure optimal integration of renewable energy sources while also providing backup power when utility power is unavailable.

The key business justification for microgrids is delivery of multiple value streams. Standalone Maxwell ultracapacitor energy storage delivers power services (response time in cycles ranging from milliseconds to minutes in duration).

When combined with other storage technology, storage times can be extended to multiple hours, providing operators with the greatest ability to capture multiple revenue streams. Because ultracapacitors are high peak current devices with 100% depth of discharge capability, there is a significant reduction in the charge-discharge rate on the battery, which leads to longer battery lifetime.

Please contact us to establish a model and recommended system architecture. Typical microgrid applications include:

  • Voltage and frequency support to mitigate power quality events
  • Transient support for diesel generators allowing them to operate closer to rated power for base load, increasing efficiency and reducing emissions
  • Islanded operation with renewable energy sources possible by having the microgrid act as island master, cycling constantly in rapid response to change in load and energy generated from renewable sources
  • Power firming to increase dispatchability and predictability of solar and wind generation
  • Generator bridging to provide critical support power as generators are brought up to power, thus reducing fuel consumption
  • Peak power support for mission-critical loads
  • Battery support

Renewables Firming

Frequency Support

Generator Bridging

Generate optimized business cases for projects

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  • Response time: Maxwell ultracapacitor systems can be commanded to respond at full power in the cycles timeframe and do not need meaningful recharge time as does a battery or flywheel.
  • Long operating life and opex reduction*: Maxwell ultracapacitor systems typically provide a 12 to 15 year lifetime with no replacement cycles. Ultracapacitors are electrostatic devices designed to be repeatedly charged and discharged in full cycles or micro-cycles. Maxwell’s ultracapacitors have demonstrated over 1 million benchmark charge-discharges.
  • Capex reduction: Ultracapacitors are electrostatic devices that do not need to be 1-5x oversized to meet power and daily cycling requirements. In many cases, minimal to no balance of plant cooling is required because the devices have a wider operating temperature window and are not as prone to ESR rise (heating) as batteries.
  • Hybrid systems: Maxwell ultracapacitor systems can be deployed with batteries to provide additional services, such as peak shaving and energy time shifting. In this configuration, the ultracapacitors additionally act as a buffer on the battery to preserve battery lifetime. This reduces the number of battery replacement cycles to lessen opex.
*Results may vary. Additional terms and conditions, including the limited warranty, apply at the time of purchase. See the warranty details and datasheet for applicable operating and use requirements.

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