WindEnergy Hamburg 2018 | 25 - 28 September 2018

We look forward to seeing you at Wind Energy Hamburg this year!

Swing by the Maxwell booth to meet our team members and ask your questions about ultracapacitor energy storage for wind pitch control. We’ll have our full wind product line on display so you can get hands-on and learn the performance advantages of ultracapacitor (supercapacitor) technology.

Whether you are a wind farm operator, wind technician, pitch system supplier or OEM, we look forward to speaking with you about how we can partner to provide value to your business and end customers.

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Case Study: Wind Farm Reduces Pitch Faults and Battery Replacements Using Maxwell Technologies’ Retrofit Solution for Emergency Pitch Backup Systems

White paper: Boost Wind Turbine Availability and Reduce O&M Costs with Ultracapacitors for Emergency Pitch Control Backup Systems

Go Behind The Scenes: Maxwell In Wind Energy (VIDEO)

Video interview about the key benefits of ultracapacitor (supercapacitor) energy storage for the emergency pitch control system of the wind turbine.

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Wind Retrofit Ultracapacitor Solutions

Wind Retrofit Ultracapacitor Solutions

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Application Close-Up: The Key Role Of Energy Storage Backup Power For Wind Turbine Pitch Control
Wind turbines operating with ultracapacitor-based energy storage for emergency pitch control systems typically require minimal maintenance, helping wind farm operators to reduce operations and maintenance costs.


Maxwell Technologies Selected for China Guodian Corporation’s First Ultracapacitor-Based Wind Energy Storage System
Beijing Huadian Tianren Electric Power Control Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Guodian Corporation, selected Maxwell’s ultracapacitor technology as the core component of a wind farm energy storage demonstration project.


The Advantages of Ultracapacitors in Wind Turbine Electric Pitch Control Systems
There are two types of energy storage systems used for electric wind turbine pitch control: ultracapacitor-based and battery-based. While batteries are efficient devices for many applications, ultracapacitors have the advantage when it comes to supporting a wind turbine’s electric pitch control system.


Bringing the Power and Longevity of Ultracapacitors to the World’s Wind Turbines
Onshore or offshore serviceability is a big challenge, especially when looking at offshore applications where costly turbine maintenance is done by boat or even by helicopter.


Practical Business Reasons for Retrofitting Wind Turbines with Ultracapacitors
Size and power aren’t the only features that have evolved in turbine technology. Ultracapacitor-based pitch control systems are becoming a standard solution offered by turbine manufacturers.