Start/stop technology enables the engine in a conventional, electric or hybrid-electric vehicle to shut down when it comes to a stop at a red light or while sitting in traffic.

The system is based on an intelligent combination of engine, brake and power management. This system stops the internal-combustion engine when the vehicle is at a standstill in a traffic jam or at a red light. As soon as the driver depresses the clutch or brake pedal, the system automatically restarts the engine.

Maxwell Technologies ultracapacitors are already installed in over 1 million start/stop vehicles to support the restart of the engine during a start/stop event.

Voltage Stabilization
Source of Cranking Power (UC only or with battery)

The Supercapacitor In Your Next Microhybrid

There a pretty good chance that the next time you buy an automobile, even if it's not an EV, it's going to have a supercapacitor in it to help recapture braking energy and instantly restart your car's engine, among other functions now being explored by global carmakers as they search for evermore cost-effective solutions to reduce tailpipe emissions and improve fuel economy. Read more...

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